Glories of Cow Dung ash


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Hare Krsna!

This also has many uses viz. Water purifying, washing vessels, on wounds, as pesticide, grain preservation etc.

First I will speak about cow dung ash being used for water purifying. Purifying water is a serious issue. Either we have to add chlorine or some other chemical. At least we have to boil the water. In emergency situations, fuel may not be available for boiling. Adding chlorine etc has its own defects and side effects. Cow dung ash is an excellent water purifier. Both have been tested by me in the laboratory, in practice and by devotees. Read the rest of this entry »

Life filled with chemicals!!!!


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junk food

Dear devotees,

Today I am just making you aware that our life is full of deadly chemicals and how they have hazardous effect on us. Yes I agree that it is difficult to completely remove ourselves from this chemical onslaught but still if we are intelligent we can decrease the intake dramatically and thus prevent many diseases and troubles to our body. Read the rest of this entry »