Glory of Vedic Culture.


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Hare Krsna!

Difference between modern western culture and ancient vedic culture Modern scientists have done great research with respect to externals in human existence. The basis on research was human physical body. Sages in vedic times had researched on internal aspects of human existence. Western advancement gave thought to external beauty where as vedic munis (sages) gave importance to beauty. Because of external research the basis of western development was body and money. People’s external facilities became means for attractive body. Read the rest of this entry »

Body Speaks!!!


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human_body-energy.jpg (237×365)

By Lord Sri Krsna’s arrangement our own body tells us so many things. We have to learn how it communicates and what its message is so that we can act accordingly. In fact our body always gives us signals what we should do and not do for healthy living. Read the rest of this entry »