Cow Protection and Krishna Consciousness

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   Jul 10

Cow Dung facts and statistics

Hare Krsna! Dung available from one fully grown cow/ bull is around 5.4 tonnes per annum. so dry dung will be around 54. x 0.30 = 1620 kg per annum. This is equivalent to 712 kg of dry wood. This amount of wood comes from 6 large trees. So by keeping one old cow or bull alive we […]

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   Jul 01

General Health Advice – Q&A [Food Choices]

Hare Krsna! This is a email conversation between myself and Mr. Daniel Kumar who wrote to me after reading my article about General Health Advice For Devotees. Here I have answered to his long email that had a list of queries and arguments about the things I wrote in my last post. Reading this conversation […]

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   Jun 20

Ayurvedic description of Cow Urine and it’s medicinal use

Hare Krsna! Ayurveda is the medical branch of Vedas. “braham vakya janardanam” – Vedas have emanated from Lord Brahma’s mouth. They are for welfare of everyone. Therefore they are also called aptopadesh i.e. advice by near and dear ones. Cow urine makes one disease free by its prabhav (nature). Prabhav means inconceivable power. “Acintya shakti iti prabhav”. Prabhav is […]

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   Apr 05

General Health Advice for Devotees

Dear devotees, Many devotees ask me about how regulated life should be and how to implement basic principles of lifestyle according to Ayurveda. So I am writing this passage for the benefit of whoever wants to take advantage of this.

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