Reader Testimony – Ghee Miracles!


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Hare Krishna Prabhuji,


I do not want to miss an opportunity to glorify mother Cow. I have been lucky serving ISKCON Project from past 8years. Just 5-6 years ago, when our Pune New Temple Project started, there were many marathons for fund raising; even I extended my seva neglecting my health.. Late nights, irregular eating times, not drinking water throughout the day, as a result I slowly started getting skin infections. It first developed on back of my neck. There was severe itching, later it started appearing on my hands as well.

As usual, I approached a skin specialist (Allopathy) doctor experimented with different medicines but with no proper cure. Instead it created more body heat which resulted into pimples on my face.  After 3-4 months I realised that this Doctor is experimenting different medicines on me. Moreover Doctor agreed that he was not able to understand what’s happening?  Later I started taking Ayurvedic Medicines – Khada, tablets, however nothing worked. Read the rest of this entry »

General Health Advice – Q&A [Food Choices]


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Hare Krsna!

This is a email conversation between myself and Mr. Daniel Kumar who wrote to me after reading my article about General Health Advice For Devotees.

Here I have answered to his long email that had a list of queries and arguments about the things I wrote in my last post. Reading this conversation will clarify my many reasons to introduce this matter of food preference to our readers.

For reading convenience. Mr. Daniel’s comments are printed in Dark Brown Color and my comments are in black color.

I am open to further questions on this topic at all times.

Thank you very much.

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