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   Apr 07

Life filled with chemicals!!!!

junk food

Dear devotees,

Today I am just making you aware that our life is full of deadly chemicals and how they have hazardous effect on us. Yes I agree that it is difficult to completely remove ourselves from this chemical onslaught but still if we are intelligent we can decrease the intake dramatically and thus prevent many diseases and troubles to our body.

These chemicals mostly enter our body through food, water and air. We have little control on type of air we breathe once we have fixed up place of residence. Water should be filtered and boiled or at least filtered. But we can control our food to great extent without decreasing our nutritional intake.

How do these chemicals affect our body?

Once again we keep in mind the principle of purnam adah purnam idam…. Sri Krsna had made our bodies perfect and complete for symbiotic living. But vegetables, grains, fruits etc. in their natural state are good for us. But we human being wanted the food we eat in unrealistic superior appearance, colour, texture and taste. Taking advantage of this, various industries supply them. But to supply them in these unrealistic states they are forced to use long list of hazardous chemical like preservatives, conditioners, emulsifiers, colouring agents, stabilizers, pain killers, antibiotics, anti caking agents, etc. We read them but as we are unaware of their nature and effect we neglect them. The indirect chemicals that are not on label are various toxins, steroids, pesticides, chemical fertilisers, insecticides etc. So we think Sri Krsna’s gift as not good and want to make it better so that food is soft, looks, feels, appears and tastes good but in the process, health wise it becomes not only useless but dangerous.

These chemicals go into our body mostly through food. Also through water and air but we have maximum control on food. We can say these chemicals are of two types. First the ones those are not poisonous to health but are useless for our bodies. Second are those which are poisonous to our bodies. Both are a trouble to our bodies.

Those in the first category are bad because they are unnecessary trouble for our bodily functions. Just like making a traffic jam in body for our body fluid movements. These chemicals have a tendency to accumulate and thus disturb the normal function of organs. In common language they create nuisance. This is what we call pain in many cases. Back ache, weakness, leg pains, neck pain etc etc is many times because of heavy chemical accumulation (toxicity) in our body. If we live in nuisance 24 hours what will be our condition. We will go sick and collapse. It is as if our organs are choked from all sides by these chemicals.

Also in due course of time they have to be removed from our body. This exerts an unnecessary extra pressure on our excretory system especially on kidney and liver. Also if the rate of intake becomes more than the rate at which our body can throw those chemicals out then the chemicals slowly start accumulating in various organs in our body. These results in various failures, blasts, stones of Kidney, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, urinary bladder, urethra etc. Also these foreign elements have tendency to accumulate more toxins around them making the situation worse.

The above group of chemicals is smaller one. Then there is a whole group of chemicals which are not only useless but also toxic to our body. That is they also give poisonous effect on our body. Many dangerous disease causing virus and bacteria flourish in their presence. They lead to decreased immunity of our body as immune system is always over worked fighting these chemicals and their harmful bacteria/virus friends. It impairs natural detoxification process. They can indirectly lead to all disease as immune system is weak. Also they have proved to cause cancer in many cases. In common language cancer is the way in which the cells react to presence of these chemicals when the cells get fed up of their continuous presence.

The Vedic scriptures categorise the microbes in different way than modern science. They say there are 3 types of microbes. Jivanu, Kitanu and vishanu. Jivanu are those microbes that are our friends i.e. give life therefore Jivanu. Kitanu are those that flourish in bodily molecular garbage and chemicals. Vishanu are those who flourish in bodily toxin (vish) and cause diseases related to toxins like cancer etc. The excess presence of chemicals help Kitanu and Vishanu to flourish, thus make the body sick. Vishanu can also flourish when our mind is toxic i.e. –ve emotions like anger, depression, hate, envy, hopelessness, cruelty etc.

The presence of these dangerous chemicals has risen to enormous levels in recent times. The more processed items we buy more chemicals, violence and cruelty has gone to make it. These items may appear of superior quality but what has gone to make them appear like that is a horrific tale for many animals and plants and consuming them makes a horrific tale of our life. LAW OF KARMA.

Big commercial companies have no aim to give good beneficial items to consumers. Their only care is to make money and addict people to their products. In fact many times same company which uses some chemicals in their products and also make medicines for the disease that particular chemical will cause to you. So adding chemicals gives them good sale of product and good sales of medicines. Profit both ways. They worry a fig for health of consumer.

These commercial industries don’t want society to be sense controlled and simple. They want the people to be addicted to their sense gratificatory products. So they can have good business of those products and of medicines as an effect of using those products. All business depends on how people are addicted to sense gratification in unlawful way as not designed by Sri Krsna. If people are simple then most of MNC’s will close down. So their propaganda is why you are enjoying in simple style close to nature where products are little rough etc. Use our items and enjoy most smooth, soft, colourful, super sweet, sensational products. They don’t tell is that to get these there was a lot of violence, cruelty, and they have lot of toxic chemicals underlying the beautiful appearance.

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