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   Aug 04

Glories of Cow Dung ash

Hare Krsna!

This also has many uses viz. Water purifying, washing vessels, on wounds, as pesticide, grain preservation etc.

First I will speak about cow dung ash being used for water purifying. Purifying water is a serious issue. Either we have to add chlorine or some other chemical. At least we have to boil the water. In emergency situations, fuel may not be available for boiling. Adding chlorine etc has its own defects and side effects. Cow dung ash is an excellent water purifier. Both have been tested by me in the laboratory, in practice and by devotees. It is a by product of a by product, that is, we get cow dung from cow and even after burning cow dung it has so much potency to purify water. All harmful bacteria are killed just by adding a pinch or two of cow dung ash in few liters of water. We have to use cow dung ash that comes from vedic cows only. To know what is Vedic cow please look up –

To verify this clinically, I had sent two samples of well water which was known to be contaminated by harmful bacteria. One sample was plain well water which was not fit for drinking because of presence of bacteria and in other sample I had put 2 pinches of cow dung ash. The report which I got from KEM hospital laboratory was astounding. The report said that the in well water, Escherichia coli bacteria grew in culture. In well water, with pinch of cow dung ash no E. coli bacteria grew on culture. Those who want to see the report, it is available with me in Mumbai. Certainly this is just one test and we are now going to do a proper full fledged study the report of which I will inform you all once the study is over in a few weeks. Since this report, HG Govinda pr has always started using cow dung ash with normal tap water to drink while traveling and has thus avoided bottled water which is a big drain on ecology. He has not become sick till now. I myself personally never drink bottled water whatever the case may be.

This option of adding cow dung ash is so cheap that anyone can afford it. It has absolutely no side effects.

This anti-bacterial property of cow dung ash of Vedic cows was known to ancient sages of India.

Cow dung ash is so much cheaper than bottled water. It is so much cheaper than all the costly machines sold under the banner of water purification. All ultra violet, reverse osmosis costly machines are selling at exorbitant prices compared to cow dung ash. Even cow dung ash is cheaper than the maintenance these machines require. At the same time these radiations in ultra violet water purifier machines and the depletion of all natural minerals in reverse osmosis and bottled water do untold damage to human body. This topic is out of scope for the present post. They cause a whole range of diseases like cancer, organ damage, osteoporosis etc.

Is it not wiser to use cow dung ash instead of all these complex things?

Love cows, know cows and live simply so as to chant happily, not with stress.

Cow dung ash could be used very efficiently for cleaning vessels as well. This is again a very cheap alternative to all chemical washing powders. First of all these chemical powders for washing vessels are very costly compared to cow dung ash. Also as it happens that some powder does remain on vessels even after cleaning thoroughly. Even if few milligrams remains, still the chemical powder is very toxic. If you put this dish washing powder on small insects most of them will die immediately. I have in my childhood tried on earthworms and they died in a minute. Cells in our food pipe and stomach are not any more powerful than cells in insect bodies. So they also have to suffer even when minute quantities are applied on them 3-4 times a day. These powders are also toxic in nature. On other hand cow dung ash powder is not only safe but in fact beneficial. Even after washing the pot if some ash powder remains on vessels it is not an issue.

Cleaning of utensils is daily household activity. For centuries this was done with ash of cow dung. Now days, we see that instead of dung cakes, detergent or washing powder is being used. The expense of this comes to around at least Rs 300 per annum. What was totally free or inexpensive now costs crores of rupees for a society. So if we say India had 100 crore people and there are around 15 crore families. Then we are spending Rs 4500 crore on washing vessels which were done practically free. Now let us decide the value of cow dung.

Now I will tell one personal experience in this matter. This is the last thing which I started practicing in my life out of laziness. But when I started using it, the first day result was astonishing. I don’t use steel plates. Reasons I will mention in future posts. But I use bronze plate. I used to wash it with chemical soap daily. But the first day I used cow dung ash the plate immediately developed a special pleasing shine. It looked cleaner than ever before. Now I have taken a vow to never use chemicals for cleaning my vessels.

We can now just begin to understand why cow dung is called gold mine or rather why the scriptures say that Laxmiji (goddess of fortune/wealth) resides in cow dung.

Many times, especially diabetic patients have wounds on legs and hands which become very difficult to cure. If we apply cow dung ash on these wounds then the wounds gets healed and that too quickly. We can apply cow dung ash on any wound being aware of its anti septic properties. By modern medicines, diabetic patients find it very difficult to cure the wounds on their legs and sometimes the situation goes to the limit of amputating the limb.

Cow dung ash has a wide use as pesticide in agriculture. It can be simply sprinkled on crops and even if it falls on food or land it is beneficial rather than harmful as modern chemical pesticides are. Details of this will be in organic farming at latter stage.

Cow dung ash was used for preserving grains. This ash can save India from debts of World Bank. The ash which is left over after using dung for fuel may not have any monetary value but it is actually precious. Previously kings used to preserve grains in their granary for use in drought years. They would preserve the grains like jowar etc for 12 years without damage. They would take grains and mix them with equal quantity of cow dung ash and then store them in their granaries for years. Even in normal curse common people could store grains at home in this way for 2-3 years in their earth storage tanks. Today due to non availability of dung ash people have forgotten this technique. Now we borrow millions of dollars from World Bank for construction of air conditioned ware houses for keeping grains. Now we spray poisonous pesticides on grains for preservation with money from international organization in form of loan. These pesticides adversely affect the health of people. An old bull may not be able to work in farm or pull load. But till end of his life he will provide dung which will keep us free from inflation, free from diseases and preserve sovereignty of country by not requiring to borrow from international organizations and there by obeying their orders.

Now let us decide the value of cow dung ash and so of an old cow or bull. What makes the dung? Stalk of crops of grains and grass are eaten by cows and bulls. Grass has no value. After removing of grains the stalk also practically have no value. But there things are converted to useful wonderful item called dung by cows and bulls. Also meanwhile they work and give milk as bonus.

For all the above descriptions we need dung from Vedic cows. –

After a patient suffers from chicken pox there are rashes on the body. These rashes take long time to cure and the spots fade very slowly. But if we regularly apply cow dung ash paste on rashes they go away quickly and no spots remain after that.

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  1. Mayank kansal says:


    Please tell me the reason of using bronze plate instead of steel plate as mentioned in your article.

    Ans – Thanks. In simple and short. Steel has metals which are not (or minimal) beneficial for us like iron. It has metals which are harmful for us like Nickel, cadmium, chromium etc. On other hand Bronze is alloy of 80% copper and 20% tin.Copper is very good metal for us and tin protects the little negative side effects of copper with sour items.

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