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   Jul 01

My Menu.

Hare Krsna! Following are the preferences in my eating habits. These are not doctor’s restrictions but are self imposed ones to avoid a visit to a doctor. In spite of these restrictions one can become sick because of past reactions. But at least I will not become sick because of present eating habits.

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   Apr 07

Body Speaks!!!

By Lord Sri Krsna’s arrangement our own body tells us so many things. We have to learn how it communicates and what its message is so that we can act accordingly. In fact our body always gives us signals what we should do and not do for healthy living.

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   Apr 05

General Health Advice for Devotees

Dear devotees, Many devotees ask me about how regulated life should be and how to implement basic principles of lifestyle according to Ayurveda. So I am writing this passage for the benefit of whoever wants to take advantage of this.

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