[Q&A] Bottled Water vs. Ground Water


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Hare Krishna Prabhuji, Your articles on cows are very inspiring. In one of your article you had advised us to avoid the usage of bottled water or reverse osmosis water. However, one of the acquaintance, I came across did not agree to this point. He argued that nowadays water is very much contaminated and contains huge quantities of calcium, magnesium and many other salts. He proved it by showing a meter which indicates the level of contamination of the water. Meter shows that purified water has 30ppm salts whereas ground water has 900ppm salts. He further added that safe drinking water should have salts content of around 150ppm. He mentioned that if ppm level is more, it causes jaundice and other waterborne diseases. Is it true? Also please explain how does adding cow dung ash make the water pure? Awaiting for your reply. Read the rest of this entry »