Cow Protection and Krishna Consciousness

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   Apr 08

Chant and be happy!!!

Hare Krsna! We have heard many times that Krsna consciousness means pure bliss. Just chanting, dancing and feasting. But we see in today’s age many of us devotees are not happy and certainly not blissful. Some of us are. We are practicing devotees. We chant 16 rounds. Follow 4 regulative principles. Then where are we […]

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   Apr 07

Vrindavan Yatra Reflections – Part I

Hare Krsna! Now many of you must know, that some of us are preparing or thinking or planning to go to this year’s Kartik Vrndavan yatra. Some of us have reconciled to the fact that we are not going. But the most wonderful thing is we all can go to Vrndavan and in fact if we […]

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