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   Apr 07

Vrindavan Yatra Reflections – Part I

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Hare Krsna! Now many of you must know, that some of us are preparing or thinking or planning to go to this year’s Kartik Vrndavan yatra. Some of us have reconciled to the fact that we are not going. But the most wonderful thing is we all can go to Vrndavan and in fact if we are reading this mail intensely then we have already reached Vrndavan. This is spiritual science which we all should be aware of at this moment. Some of us have filled the form for yatra and some not. But only time will tell who will go and who will not. The reality is that some of us will go to Vrndavan and still not go. At the same time some of us will not go but still go.

The above statements appear like contradictory statements of scriptures as we find in Sri Isopanishad. Sri Isopnisad states that Lord walks and does not walk. He is inside and not inside. He is far and near. Just like these statements of Isopnisad are not understood by non devotees similarly my statements in above paragraph seem confusing.

Yesterday I was speaking this point in one lecture in a programme. As Srila Prabhupada has said that we can’t go to Vrndavan just by purchasing a ticket. Yes just by purchasing a ticket we can go to place known as Vrndavan but not go to vrndavan. Now there are two aspects of going to vrndavan. One is consciousness and another is approaching in separation. Firstly we should know what the mood of residents of Vrndavan is. Knowing this mood and putting it in our consciousness makes us qualified to get visa to go to Vrndavan. In material world our mood is – I am lord and master of all I survey. So I am enjoyer and bhokta.

If we have even little of this in our consciousness know for sure we are not going to make it to Vrndavan. We may reach a geographyical place known as Mathura and Vrndavan but still we will not be actually able to enter it and we will just be in material world undergoing its tribulations. The mood of spiritual world is I am servant of servant of servant of Lord and his devotees. Yes, this should not be our theoretical knowledge only. Sometimes we know we are servants but our actions are like we are lord and master. Sometimes we say prabhu, “I am your dasa. I am ready to serve you.” But when the time to serve comes. Oh! Prabhu I have not time now. Or we just move off the place trying to avoid the situation where we have to serve. In this way we think we are intelligent.

We can’t cheat the lord and his devotees. Lord knows in and out of everything. We are only cheating our self as we are under illusion that we are able to put up good show of humility and service attitude. We think the world now thinks that I am nice humble devotee. But the lord and world know who we are. Thus we are cheating our self as world knows who we really are and we think world knows me as the show I am putting up.

One mistake we all perform with respect to our glories is we tend to believe what others say about our greatness and neglect or disagree what others say about our limitations and faults. Actually it should be other way round. For our good qualities we should look into our hearts our self. Then we will find how much great I am because what we will see in our heart is Lust, anger, greed, etc. etc. This is not seen by others. And when someone points out our faults we tend to neglect thinking he has not understood correctly. So if we want to know how good we are let’s look into our consciousness. Then we will knolw the reality that I am very far from what the devotees think what I am. We should not believe what others say about our glories. If we want to know our limitations or faults believe others when they point out to us rather than defending.

So coming back to our point of going to Vrndavan. Our real entry in Vrndavan is possible only when we develop proper consciousness backed by our suitable actions. In spiritual world all are trying to please others. That is only aim of life and if it is our aim of life then we are in Vrndavan. If we are seeking how I can be pleased we are in material world. Material world means all should satisfy me. Spiritual world means I will serve all others. Material world means anxiety and suffering and spiritual world means bliss and joy. If I am seeking to be pleased we will be miserable in material world. And if we are seeking to please others we will be in bliss in spiritual world. This is reality.

So we all should ponder on this point and try to digest it. It doesn’t matter whether we have filled up the forms for yatra this year or not. Let’s try to reach the vrndavan mood this year. Once we have this mood then we are in Vrndavan everywhere. We may not be able to develop this mood right away. But we must make a sincere attempt. And even if we have not reached this mood, still if we havetime we should try to come to Vrndavan with devotees as with devotees we see this mood in action and so can get firsthand experience of what a devotee in vrndavan is like. So something of that pure consciousness may be picked up by us in the association  of advanced devotees. This will help us to advance towards Vrndavan mood. So whether qualified or not lets all try to go. If qualified we can get to see spiritual world and if not then we can see some residents of spiritual world and thus try to become like them. So who are able to develop this mood will reach Vrndavan even if physically they cannot.

Another point I wanted to make is mood of separation which is the primary mood of Vrndavan according to the teachings of our acharyas. To make this point clear I would like to quote following verse, translation and purport from Srimad Bhagawatam.

SB 3.1.24

tatas tv ativrajya surastram rddham

sauvira-matsyan kurujangalams ca

kalena tavad yamunam upetya

tatroddhavam bhagavatam dadarsa

Thereafter he passed through very wealthy provinces like Surat, Sauvira and Matsya and through western India, known as Kurujangala. At last he reached the bank of the Yamuna, where he happened to meet Uddhava, the great devotee of Lord Krsna.

The tract of land comprising about one hundred square miles from modern Delhi to the Mathurä district in Uttar Pradesh, including a portion of the Gurgaon district in Punjab (East India), is considered to be the topmost place of pilgrimage in all of India. This land is sacred because Lord Krsna traveled through it many times. From the very beginning of His appearance, He was at Mathura in the house of His maternal uncle Kamsa, and He was reared by His foster father Maharaja Nanda at Vrndavana. There are still many devotees of the Lord lingering there in ecstasy in search of Kåñëa and His childhood associates, the gopis. It is not that such devotees meet Krsna face to face in that tract of land, but a devotee’s eagerly searching after Kåñëa is as good as his seeing Him personally. How this is so cannot be explained, but it is factually realized by those who are pure devotees of the Lord. Philosophically, one can understand that Lord Kåñëa and His remembrance are on the absolute plane and that the very idea of searching for Him at Vrndavana in pure God consciousness gives more pleasure to the devotee than seeing Him face to face. Such devotees of the Lord see Him face
to face at every moment, as confirmed in the Brahma-saàhitä (5.38):


santaù sadaiva hådayeñu vilokayanti

yaà çyämasundaram acintya-guëa-svarüpaà

govindam ädi-puruñaà tam ahaà bhajämi

“Those who are in ecstasy of love with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Çyämasundara [Kåñëa], see Him always in their hearts due to love and devotional service rendered to the Lord.” Both Vidura and Uddhava were such elevated devotees, and therefore they both came to the bank of the Yamunä and met each other.


So this is the second point. We can be in Vrndavan just by constantly remembering about them. Sometimes we are in Vrndavan and remember about business etc. So we are not in Vrndavan in such a situation on level of consciousness. In or Vrndavan or outside we have to increase its rememberance. Then we are in Vrndavan. This is a transcendental secret. And if we can do that then wherever we may be in the world we will be in Vrndavan with Sri Krsna. This has to be practised and experienced.

The gopies of Vrndavan are always Krsna consciousness whether they are with him or not, but they are always thinking about him. So actually even in physical absence of Sri Krsna they are with Krsna.

Similarly some of us might not be able to make it to Vrndavan for any reasons. But they can also become more fortunate if they take this opportunity and develop their intense remembrance of that holy land and of Supreme lord Sri Krsna. If we are not going then just think of Vrndavan daily, think about serving the dhama and devotees there. Think of doing parikrama to various holy places. Just think and hear the melodious kirtanas that take place there. And then even if we are physically millions of miles away I would say we will be in Vrndavan.

So all of us are going to Vrndavan. Some of us will also go physically and some will not. But to go on the level of consciousness is possible for all of us. Let’s do it and let all be in that holy land from today onwards.

Please pray that I can also be going to Vrndavan in real sense.

Your servant

Madan gopal Das

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