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   Apr 08

Chant and be happy!!!

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Hare Krsna!

We have heard many times that Krsna consciousness means pure bliss. Just chanting, dancing and feasting. But we see in today’s age many of us devotees are not happy and certainly not blissful. Some of us are. We are practicing devotees. We chant 16 rounds. Follow 4 regulative principles. Then where are we going wrong that the bliss of Krsna consciousness eludes us.

We might give reason that kali yuga is now taking shape and now the situation is not the same any more. Material problems are becoming more severe and demanding. But isn’t it that the message of Sri Caitanya is for all the kali yuga and especially coming 10 thousand years. So where are we going wrong.

Some people say Bhakti is very easy process. In Bhagavad gita Srila Prabhupada refutes with saying that, “So called bhakti is easy, but bhakti according to rules and regulations of parampara is difficult, and people who claim bhakti to be easy fall away from it.

If we really want to be blissful then we have to increase our Krsna consciousness i.e. we have to become conscious of Krsna. It means we have to understand Sri Krsna properly and understand that he is well wishing lord and he is fully controlling everything in this world including our lives. We have to understand the peace formula verse BG 5.28 – Bhoktarm yajna tapasam sarva loka maheshwaram, Suhrudam sarva bhutanam jnatva mam shantimruchiti. If we understand this verse only then we will achieve peace followed by joy of Krsna consciousness.

We have to understand following points. Not only understand theoretically but put in practice in our daily lives.

  1. Krsna is owner, enjoyer and controller of everything in this world.
  2. He is well wishing friend of all living entities.
  3. He is all powerful and everything is under his control.
  4. He does exactly what is needed for all of us. He never commits mistakes. It is us who don’t understand correctly.
  5. We are helpless and completely dependent on him for everything in our life.

So let us think more about above mentioned points. If we fall short of reaching the above practise in our lives we will be always unhappy and miserable. In essence we have to accept Sri Krsna’s will knowing him to be all powerful and all knowing.
We will discuss above mentioned point serially.

First of all we have to understand we may be brahmachari, grahastha, vanprastha or sanyasi. Sri Krsna is enjoyer of everything. The more we are away from this principle i.e. more we think ourselves as enjoyer and proprietor more we are away from spiritual life and joyful life. If we think ourselves as enjoyer for sure you are going to be miserable. This is unavoidable. Maya has made this world in this fashion. We want to enjoy we will suffer and thus frustrated. Maya has made it like this for us to learn but we foolishly don’t learn so easily. We should not think that just by becoming sadhaka devotees we will be made exception to this rule. This is actually illusion for practicing devotees. We think just by little Krsna consciousness we should be made exceptions to the rules of material world even though we are still much material conscious and some little Krsna conscious. In this world enjoyer means sufferer. That is what Pralhada maharaj is instructing. Yes we can enjoy this world the way Krsna wants us to enjoy by honoring sattvik food as Prasad. Just because we are devotees we cannot claim that rajasic food will not have its effect even though offered to Krsna and accepted. Tamasic food as well.

Only when we understand Krsna is Supreme enjoyer then our lives will be full of joy.

Also next point is he is well wishing friend of all. Yes sometimes Krsna doesn’t act as per our plan. Sometimes we think why is Krsna doing like this. It would had been so nice if Krsna would have done like this. We think we know better than him. So this also results in our always being unhappy even though we are chanting. In any situation Krsna knows better than us. And he will do what is best for us. It is better to accept this rather than just grudging our dissatisfaction. Just becoming morose at unwanted turn of event in our lives doesn’t give any gain on the other hand becoming Krsna conscious makes us blissful.

Now I am discussing points which are not mentioned above.

  • Comparison with others: This is another vice we (our ego) have to get rid of. In this world no two souls have same destiny. We are all individual and better we be so. I have seen this happening in devotee circles as well. It happens between grahasthas, brahmacharies, preachers, singers, cooks, and all those who are still victim of this tendency. We think our capacities as various designations are because of us. We think we are controller to have achieved those qualities. I am great preacher, singer, businessman etc. and I have achieved this with my effort and so I am great at least little great. We may not be thinking like this very prominently but in our consciousness our ego convinces us that this is true. If we are a victim of this mentality, then be sure that we are far from being Krsna consciousness and from the blissful life associated with it. What we have to recognise is that Krsna has empowered all of us to do our role in his service. It is he who decides what he wants to get done from whom. It is better we accept this whole heartedly and thank him for whatever role he has given for us rather than just complaining over what he has not given us. It is better he has not given us some things as may be if he had given us those qualities or positions.
  • Pride position respect: This is another danger in all devotees lifes. This is called subtle sex by our acharyas. Sex life means desire to enjoy. Sex is gross enjoyment. Desire for pride, position and respect is also enjoyment. This is subtle enjoyment where it is enjoyed in mind and not by gross senses. If we are still in the clutches of sublte sex i.e desire for Puja – mana – prthistha then we are in maya and so we cannot access the bliss of spiritual life. Maya cheats us from getting entry in spiritual life. We have to be completely dependent on Sri Krsna and not on our capacities to get taste of spiritual life. And until we get this taste we cannot give up lower taste as per BG 2nd chapter. Raso varjyam raso pasya param drstva nivertate.
  • Mental problems biggest: This is a very serious and pertinent problem at present time especially in modern places like Mumbai and metropolitan cities and western countries. According to WHO mental diseases are supposed to be the biggest killer by year 2015 – 2020. This means we will be alive till then may be prey of the mental disease epidemic. Srila Prabhuapa said Bhakti is simple for simple and complex for complex. Our minds in kali yuga are too crooked. The relationships between people are so estranged that people cannot even talk with each other freely and openly. There are so misconceptions, reserved natures, etc. etc. even though people are physically together they are miles apart. They just can’t speak to each other what is in their minds. It is difficult to get a person with whom we can reveal our mind to because we don’t have so close relations with anyone and also we fear that he will misuse our information. The people’s mind in present age is too active imagining things and possibilities. If he does this, why he spoke this, or he behaved like this etc etc. Many times the person in front of us doesn’t mean what we may be thinking but we unnecessary get in trouble imagining that he means it etc. This mind especially in kali yuga and especially in present day when people are making close relationships with machines than people. Those who are grhathas (those who are not observe other grhatha) just think how much time at home you spend with family and how much with machines (laptop, internet, mobile, tv, vcd, i -pod, etc etc). This can also happen in brahamachari ashram. We are 100 of us together. But I see many of us are always only with either mobile, i – pod etc. Thus we never learn to live with people and talk openly and freely. This less contact with people around and with machines makes us more introvert or restrain us to certain groups of people and slowly we start developing complex mental problems. This is happening in outside world and devotees if don’t take care and preventive steps then certainly we will fall prey to this devouring tsunami engulfing the world of mental problems and diseases. It so sad in these mental problems that actually the problems do not exist and we just become prey of self created and imagined issues and get so much troubled ourself of imaginary things. May this is virtual problem in today’s world of everything virtual. How to prevent this may be next mail? But one small advice. Use less of machines. For eg better to listen to kirtans sung by fellow ashram member(brahmachari or grahatha) than those sung by machines. Such kirtanas be of not good singing etc but better to listen from live person. Better to listen to very simple basic Krsna consciousness point from fellow ashram member rather than hearing to a perfect point on machine. These develop human relations where you can actually develop tolerance and humility. You can listen that you have to develop tolerance and humility a 100 times on machines but what tolerance and humility we will develop without interacting with people around us. Better to interact with people 100 times as that actually helps us develop humility and tolerance.

We don’t develop any tolerance and humility in machine association. In fact we develop the opposite. We develop tendency that all should happen as per my direction and will and I control all these machines. But with people they will not listen to us or they will want something different than us. So there is sacrifice and adjustment in living with people. With machines there is no such requirement. I am not against machines but would warn that use it to minimum. Whenever there is an opportunity to be with humans be with them. When you are alone anyway then use machines. Otherwise mental diseases are on our way.

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