Cow slaughter statistics


Posted by Madan Gopal Das | Posted in General Health Advice, Personal Reflections, Principles of Cow Protection, Serving Cows Practically | Posted on 17-06-2010

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Hare Krsna!

In India flesh of hen i.e. chicken is around Rs 110 per Kg, that of goat around Rs 220/Kg and beef around rs 60/kg. Actually in USA it is opposite. How is flesh of cow in India so cheap? In India cows are not only killed only for flesh. In India all parts of cow or rather all animals are used for other products. But products of cow are more suitable. Many of us may not be eating beef and might be thinking that now we are not supporting cow killing. But  it is not so easy. As I mentioned all parts of cows are used for various purposes and if we are partaking in any product we are responsible. In case of cows especially her blood, fat, bone and hide (skin) are used in many products and if are utilising them then we are supporting killing of cows. Read the rest of this entry »