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   Jun 17

Cow slaughter statistics

Hare Krsna!

In India flesh of hen i.e. chicken is around Rs 110 per Kg, that of goat around Rs 220/Kg and beef around rs 60/kg. Actually in USA it is opposite. How is flesh of cow in India so cheap? In India cows are not only killed only for flesh. In India all parts of cow or rather all animals are used for other products. But products of cow are more suitable. Many of us may not be eating beef and might be thinking that now we are not supporting cow killing. But  it is not so easy. As I mentioned all parts of cows are used for various purposes and if we are partaking in any product we are responsible. In case of cows especially her blood, fat, bone and hide (skin) are used in many products and if are utilising them then we are supporting killing of cows. I would like to extend this logic saying that if we are directly supporting a company who is also engaged in manufacturing a cow violence product then we are supporting cow killing. For eg we all know that McDonald’s used beef flavouring in French fries which were claimed to be vegetarian. There is famous court case in this regard in USA. Even say now the French fries are vegetarian still if we are supporting a company which is selling cow killing we are supporting cow killing.

In many cosmetic products cow derived materials are used. We might see green spots on these boxes. But I really have concerns on how reliable those spots are. We see corruption, tendency to speak lies hide facts and all such things in manufacturing industry all over the world. In India it is obvious that corruption is rampant and one can get permission to print green spots by many dubious means. In west it is achieved more clandestinely as we see in Mc Donalds case. Even if these companies are fines at latter stage the fine imposed is very negligible compared to the amount of profit they have made by those wrong practises and fines are imposed many years later. We have seen how milk powder selling companies give milk powder free in maternity home and thus condition a lady to not breast feed her baby. But when the lady goes out of maternity home she has to purchase the milk powder. Also as the lady doesn’t feed the baby often she goes dry quickly. So the business of milk powder goes on increasing. These demoniac companies have no concern that for their profits they are removing babies from their natural best food, i.e. mother’s milk.

These demoniac companies put cow blood derived material in iron increasing medicines. Cow blood is used in many iron enhancing medicines. Cow bone powder is used in tooth pastes. So early in morning we put cow’s bone in our mouth. Thus we are sure part of cow killing. There are very simple and karma free solutions to increase iron and calcium in our blood. Those solutions I will post in near future in general health advice and cow and health category. Also in the end of this post I am pasting a mail which I received from one person known to me who is him selves a medical practitioner. Cow fat or tallow as some call it is used in most of cosmetics, creams etc. We might feel how smooth and nice this cream is but we fail to recognize that it is nothing but animal fat which is covered by some perfumes and stabilizing agents. How can we ourselves excuse us of using something from animal violence and just say, I am unaware of it. We preachers mostly say in our talks that ignorance is no cause of excuse.

We might excuse ourselves that we saying that we did not knew about it. Srimad bhagawatam 1.7.37 mentions as follows – A cruel and wretched person who maintains his existence at the cost of others’ lives deserves to be killed for his own well-being, otherwise he will go down by his own actions. Only a cruel and wretched person can maintain himself on costs of others life without any shame. And if he still maintains him selves by killing animals then material nature has to take action. We can’t blame only the industrial enterprises for using products of violence and there by excusing  ourselves of responsibility. It is also our duty to consciously avoid theproducts of violence and so live a gentlemanly way.

In essence we should understand that cows are not killed only for flesh but also for many other things of which we may be a part of it. Also we might be supporting cow killing enterprises by purchasing their items. To really support cow protection we have to avoid all products laced with cow blood. All this is many crores Rs worth industry and we have to remove our share in it.

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  1. omkar khatavkar says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhu,
    Can you please mention the exact products which uses cow parts? Name of medicines, toothepastes, cosmatic products, icecreams etc the way you have mentioned McDonald’s french fries. Atleast we can make KC devotees aware of these products and stop using them in future.


  2. I am not one going in detail of exact products. This is available on other sites of peta and beauty without cruelty etc which you can easily find out.

    My point is two folds. One we on all levels personal, family and social levels should avoid any contact with these demoniac corporates whose only aim is making money and not welfare. They can stoop to any levels to achieve that aim. We should go an extra mile to completely not support these corporates.

    Next is we should adapt vedic alternatives as many devotees and other intelligent people are doing. These alternatives may be cow based or close to nature. We should adapt them in our lives and thus supporting those who are already on there lines. I can help you in this regard. For me weather veg or non veg all corporate products to be done away with.

    I hope this clarifies the issue.

    Madan Gopal das

  3. Ram Vilas Das says:

    Respected Prabhu,
    Thanks for your kind reply to Omkar prabhu’s question. You mentioned: These alternatives may be cow based or close to nature. We should adapt them in our lives and thus supporting those who are already on there lines. I can help you in this regard.

    We look forward to get more insights into the alternatives available.

    Ram Vilas Das

  4. Please tell me in personal mail how you can help to get alternatives. from my side I will be putting up on blog gradually.

    Madan Gopal das

  5. suresh says:

    Madan Gopal Das Sir, Please tell us where to buy pure ghee in Bangalore / Hyderabad. It will be great help for me sir. Thank you.

    Ans – I don’t know. The point is as the demand increases the supply will begin. I know place in Jalgaon , Maharashtra and one in Mumbai. Tel no are Bafna goshala – jalgaon – 02572213415, Uttam maheshwari – mumbai – 9869433439, 28463439, 9820746147 and Ghanshyam pr – 09726732139

    I would like all including you to go around places you stay in villages and request farmers to make the type of ghee you want and should be ready to pay rs 1200+ per KG. It is worth it.

  6. srisharmaa says:

    Hare Krishna!

    To know various products resulting by Cow slaughter,Kindly Visit,

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