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Hare Krsna!

The glories of holy cows are unlimited. In vedic culture and literature the glories of cow protection is all pervading. In ancient times many were devoted to cows and so there were many cows as well. When there were enough cows and cow milk etc in India there was peace and prosperity. At present age unfortunately due to influence of time people are removed away from goodness and so are going away from devotion to cows. The result of this is that there is increased neglect of cow family and their population is also decreasing. The result of this is that poverty and diseases are increasing and people are more inclined towards violence, anger, greed and consumerism. This is reason why peace is not present in society. Here in this category we will be presenting real life wonderful stories and experiences of people in past and present of cow protection. We hope by reading these incidences the vision of people towards cow protection and towards cows will change little. If this happens then we should consider it blessings of Lord Govinda and his dear cows. Read the rest of this entry »