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   Jul 10

True Story! – Shri Dr. Mohan

Hare Krsna!

The glories of holy cows are unlimited. In vedic culture and literature the glories of cow protection is all pervading. In ancient times many were devoted to cows and so there were many cows as well. When there were enough cows and cow milk etc in India there was peace and prosperity. At present age unfortunately due to influence of time people are removed away from goodness and so are going away from devotion to cows. The result of this is that there is increased neglect of cow family and their population is also decreasing. The result of this is that poverty and diseases are increasing and people are more inclined towards violence, anger, greed and consumerism. This is reason why peace is not present in society. Here in this category we will be presenting real life wonderful stories and experiences of people in past and present of cow protection. We hope by reading these incidences the vision of people towards cow protection and towards cows will change little. If this happens then we should consider it blessings of Lord Govinda and his dear cows.

Authored by Shri Dr. Mohan:

I have heard this from my grandfather and he had directly heard it from the one who was saved by cow protection mentioned in this story.

In 1857 there was uprising in India against British. Delhi was focal point of uprising. There were great riots and looting going on in every street. Murders were seen at all places. Looters had broken all records of crime. I was leader of one such group of looters and murderers. We all were tired after whole day of looting and rioting. We were completely exhausted. Our condition was worsening because of hunger. Our pockets and bags were overflowing with looted wealth but our stomachs were completely empty. We all were muslims and were being tormented because of hunger. The whole market was empty being afraid of looters. The doors to homes were locked. We all were tired and we assembled in a market square. We were total 5 of us. I was there leader and so had worked the hardest and hence most tired. I started to lay down on a platform on one side of road beneath a tree. I told my group that please arrange some food urgently or else I will die. Really my condition was very bad and my stomach was aching badly because of hunger. Darkness was covering my eyes. Seeing my condition my group members immediately went in search of food.

In short time I saw that four of them together are dragging a healthy nice cow. I don’t know how she fell in hands of such jackal like men. One of them had tied the neck of the cow with his turban cloth. Before they would ask me my opinion or I would say something to them they tied all the four legs of cow and pushed the tormented crying cow to the ground.

During and uprising like this who had time to save a mute cow from custody of rioting muslims. All so called religious people who were generally busy earning money by good and bad means were hiding like a rat hides in hole. Mostly they were praying in mind to get free from such a situation full of calamities. Cow was tired and tears were flowing from her eyes incessantly. She was tormented by hunger. My body was also weak.

To consider cow respectable and worship her is against my religious practices. But seeing that helpless cow surrounded by jackal like my friends, who were ready to consume the cow and were hence sharpening their instruments I had a different sensation in my soul. Cow was pregnant. Seeing her I was reminded of my preganant wife staying in my home in native place. A shiver went through my spine.

I instantaneously played a trick. Gaining strength I went to my colleagues and said to them, “can’t you see that I am about to die of hunger and still all of you seem to be not able to ready to provide meal to your leader. Go immediately and get some firewood and salt and till that time I will do the needful. Cow is tied and so I alone am enough to take care of her. I am very hungry, you all go urgently.

There was mercy of creator that they had forgotten to get these things before and so i could play this trick. But God helped me today that they had forgotten to get salt and firewood. My group member went to get these things.

As soon as my friends left with the same knife which was meant to slit her throat I cut the rope and cloth tying her. I patted on her back and inspired her to move on. She could not get up even after lot of effort. Firstly she was tired and she could not believe on what I had done to her. But I provoked her second time to get up and she stood up and stretching her body started moving her tail on her body. Then she looked at me with such a feeling as if she was saying that your grace will be properly rewarded. Within moments she went away.

When my colleagues returned I was lying on ground just breathing.  They awoke me asked about the cow. I answered, “I fell unconscious because of hunger and so I don’t know anything about cow.” I was hungry and leader of the group, so they accepted what I said. Having no option they made wheat roti (bread) and ate it with salt. No one had strength to search for a cow second time.

After the independence uprising was over the rioters were caught and I was one amongst them. Lawsuits were run against us in criminal courts. Attempts were made for my release but they had no effect and I was awarded capital punishment. Hundreds of people were standing outside. I was raised on the plank for noose and red cap was put on my head and face. I was seeing darkness in front of my eyes in whole world. The noose was put around my neck. I felt as if the plank below me is removed and I have fallen down. My throat became dry and blood dried out of fear. I fainted. But after sometime
I came to consciousness again and I could understand that I have not died and am still alive. Two horns were mildly touching my feet and I was supported by those horns. I have not fallen in the pit and noose is lying loose around my neck.

Considering me dead I was removed from the noose. Seeing me alive doctor moved behind with a scream. When he saw me completely normal he was greatly astonished. According to the law I was put on noose three times. But each time two horns would touch my feet from bottom and I was raised high so that the noose wouldn’t tighten. So my life was spared. I did not die in each attempt. Being frustrated they left me free.

I came out from jail with my relatives. That time I saw a cow looking at me with loving innocent eyes moving in front of me. Behind her was a new born calf that was jumping around with joy. At that moment I was reminded of rioting in Delhi and the cow that was tied by my group member to be devoured. After being released she had gone away from me looking at me with similar love filled glances.

In my religion worshiping forms is considered sin. But I immediately bowed down to my saviour. Since that day till today I always worship cows with all my might. I will do it till my life ends. I take dust from her feet and then only go to worship in mosque to read namaz.

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  1. this stopry tells very impressive and inspiring for worship COW and it”s blessing to mankind, to new generation need this COW fior their healthy foods,and farmers for Agriculture and SPIRITUAL and devotee mankind need it”s radiation effect on body,mind and vedic application AGNIHOTRA.My affort to get awareness of COW and its blessing since Lord Krishna born on earth.U r a saint in view of followers and to inspirating in net readers.My again heartly wishes god will give full strength,creation and deep knowledge to share and be help the COW SURVIVAL against new science which always want to kill COW and vanish the Lord Krishna technology to earth existing.

  2. Vijay Mathias says:

    WOW- a very inspiring article. Jai!!

  3. rajesh lad says:

    Some may find this unrealistic. However if one has served the cow with pure affection, then one can sense the love and gratitude she reciprocates with, then it becomes easier to believe these true stories !.
    That was amazing…!

  4. Sachin Patil says:

    Hare Krishna
    Really great story inspiring us to serve Cow till the life ends.

  5. SyamaGopal dasa says:

    very inspiring story…

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