Various Cow Products XIII – Cow Incense Powder

Posted by Madan Gopal Das | Posted in Ayurvedic Health, Glories of Cow Dung | Posted on 12-03-2011


Ingredients: –

  • Red sandal wood: 250 gm
  • Jatamasi (English: Spikenard, Latin: Nordostachys jatamansi): 250 gm
  • Nagarmotha (English: Nut grass, Latin: Cyperus rotundus):  250gm
  • Dry cow dung powder: 750 gm.

Preparation: –

Make fine powder of all after mixing.

Application: –

Put this powder on burning cow dung cakes or coal. The smoke that comes, frees the surroundings from germs and mosquitoes. If we breathe in this environment then diseases are destroyed. Longevity and mental peace is achieved by inhaling the smoke. If the burning coal or dung cakes are kept near bed at night then one gets deep sleep.

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Hare Krsna Prabhuji,

We are using Gomata Dhoop Sticks for Deity worship. Is the stick same as powder in quality? Can we inhale the smoke from the stick while sleeping ?

Rajesh Chitalia

Ans – Which powder. I am not clear. – yes. But to go to extreme end is not so good.

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