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   Oct 24

Mother Cow’s blessings in my life.

Hare Krsna!

Would you all not like to know how, I got the mercy of Cows along with Krishna (the supreme personality of God)?

Mentioned here are few realizations of my life which has helped me to be here in front of you all. I would like to speak about cow more so would mention only few important realizations of my life.

There is some connection of my past life which has led me to this beautiful and blissful place. However, as of now, I will speak about my current life. As a child, I always preferred living in rural areas and in natural forest setting. My father was in air force, however the atmosphere in air force is urbanized, but the residential areas are not like city. I was used to seeing snakes, monkeys around my residence. People around me were quite civilized but the ambience was natural. Later, we shifted to our native place where I got the exposure of agriculture etc. I joined an engineering college and while studying, I was introduced to Krishna consciousness which I very easily accepted. After my graduation I joined ISKCON’s Sri Sri Radha Gopinath temple at Mumbai as a full time a brahmachary.  From the year 1994, I am very blissfully attached to this wonderful movement.

I choose to preach outside Mumbai in rural set up, However in rural set up things are not up to the mark and so the living conditions are really bad.  To live in the place where there is no electricity and running tap water (which is not fresh from natural source) is too much for me. In the year 2000 our temple had a farm at Daund (place near Pune). HG Sanat Kumar prabhu was in charge of this project. Once he was visiting a goshala in Jaipur and I had a chance to accompany him. There I came across a book scientifically written on cows. It was in Hindi. That book extolled the glories of cow urine as a medicine to many diseases.  At that point of time I had few medical ailments of which the prominent one were white spots on skin, persistent weakness, successive sickness like malaria and viral fever. I purchased some medicines from Jaipur while returning. The goshala in Jaipur is Rajasthan Goseva sangh, Tonk road, Durgapura, Jaipur. Tel-0141-2551310, 2545954.

Immediately after that, it was decided that we have to get cows transported from Rajasthan for our farm. Few devotees from Wada farm were going to travel to Rajasthan to get Rajasthani cows (Breed). HG Sanat Kumar pr was to lead them. But suddenly he fell sick. Fortunately I was selected to go along with devotees not only to lead them but to manage the whole activity of purchasing cows. I was supposed to handle cash, make proper written agreements etc…  Other devotees who were suppose to decide which cows to purchase i.e. which is the right breed of Rajasthani Cow. Work was equally distributed. We played our roles to best of our abilities.

When we returned from this trip, I started making my own cow products for my personal use. I began with cow urine tablets which the book mentioned as medicine for white spots on skin. Best thing about me was, I was never impatient while using these medicines for the results. I began taking tablets for skin spots but never got upset if I could not observe results in my body. (For instance 15 days nothing is happening, now 1 month no improvement). I was very patient and had an instinct that by consuming cow urine tablets daily something good is going to happen. I was not able to follow suggested diet. But after taking cow urine tablets for just a couple of weeks I noticed that my weakness has reduced considerably since cow urine had began to throw out toxics from my body. Later, after 6 months I noticed that my spots on skin have drastically decreased and at many places it had disappeared completely. Before taking these tablets, in 7 years, I had malaria approx 7-8 times. From past 8-10 years I never had malaria.  Later, I thought without following proper diet I could see such wonderful results on my body  then why not to follow the recommended diet, which I started doing as far as I can do in ashram setup.

One thing was clear that I would continue consuming these tablets for my entire life. I had faith that it will never do any harm to me even if it doesn’t cure few ailments. Certainly it does all the good. I was very much encouraged by my devotee friends and later with their suggestion I made my own cow dung based tooth powder and cow dung soap. I had never used soap from past 20 years. From past 8 years, I occasionally use cow dung based soap. Then I made my own eye drops etc and all these products were astonishing. Whenever there was an epidemic of conjunctivitis around, I would put few drops of these eye drops and I was always saved from the eye infection. My bowel movements were improved in due course of time. There was one more important change i.e. my hemoglobin level increased which was below normal.

Toothpowder made my shaky tooth strong and normal. Whenever I visited any farm, I would personally take pleasure in serving the cows by serving them in different ways like removing their cow dung, cleaning them, cleaning their place of residence, brushing them etc. This gave me lot of spiritual credits and lot of satisfaction. I carried on these activities for many years i.e.  Without preaching or talking about the importance of cow products much with others.  Most of those who knew my connection with cow urine sneered at me and my intelligence.

Gradually my liking for food in mode of goodness increased and automatically my attraction for items in passion went down. Over time period my taste for natural food items increased.  I could control myself from wrong eating habits. In short it meant strong determination. However , I would always give this credit to Krishna ,that my senses were getting purified and could now appreciate the items which were more close to god or natural rather than manmade or man processed. I was actually wondering how I started appreciating items in goodness and how my attraction for passionate food decreased.  There were few bad habits which were not under my control and one of them was unhealthy food habits which improved over time period .  I feel not only happy but also healthy. . The delicacies which I was craving for, once upon a time could not attract me any more and items which were too austere were naturally preferred by me. This purification of change is certainly due to holy name and the consumption of cow products. One important thing that I would like to mention, that serving cows and getting connected with cows is like a huge catalyst in spiritual life. Controlling senses and steady mind without serving cows is impossible as per my experience. Now I understand the importance of Cow and the reason why in every ashram of saints and sages of past, cows were integral parts. They have a huge role to play in spiritual life.

Gradually few brahmacharies and few congregations started noticing my blissful health and inquired about my health. I informed them whatever I knew. However many  people and bramacharies were not convinced  and could not appreciate ,but there were few who did understand and started using cow products in the form of cow urine and milk.

There were many mistakes that I was committing in consuming cow products, inspite of me consuming cow urine for many years. In spite of serving cows for many years, I was not satisfied personally.  My constant traveling was taking toll on my life in form of age- ing process. My joints started aching, some back ache was setting in and there was slight pain in bone of sole of left foot. These were mild in nature but certainly disturbing me. Also now I could not sit for more than an hour and half crossed legged at a stretch. Previously I could sit up to 3-4 hours cross legged at a stretch.

At that point of time I heard a lecture from a wonderful person who loved cows a lot. His name was Sri Uttam Maheshwari (9869433469). Attending his lectures enhanced my knowledge of cows. While communicating with him, I came to know more about cow ghee. Actually I was eating cow ghee (ghruta) before but not in right manner.  With his suggestion, I started eating cow ghee in right manner.  Actually eating of right ghee in right way is more important. Within 2 months all my 3 pains mentioned above vanished never to appear again. This happened in peak winter season which is worst time for such pains. My motions became better. Bad breath from my mouth completely vanished. Again I could sit cross legged for few hours at a stretch. There was one more surprise waiting for me, previously I was finding it difficult to sit erect with perfect straight back for chanting and other purposes. But suddenly I noticed that not only I could sit cross-legged for hours together, but without effort I could sit erect with straight back for more than an hour which certainly improved my quality of chanting. Also mind became more peaceful and less agitated towards material attractions. So I noticed that my ageing process has been reversed and I feel all the more energetic for spiritual life.

Then I started using ghruta in another way. That is putting 2 drops in nose. This gave my mind more strength to withhold from allurements that happen in spiritual life. It made my hairs on head black from brown and my hairs became denser. Even though I am celibate and keep my head shaved I could see these as anti aging signs. Few years back I was operated for loss of hearing in my left year. Same problem was increasing in my right ear as well. By putting ghruta in nose for 2-3 months my hearing of right ear improved with respect to decibels and frequency.

Now I am happy and personally satisfied. I am very much confident that with the help and blessing from divine cows I will be certainly be successful in spiritual life and I feel that the holy cows are always leading my life towards Krishna and so I am completely fearless about success in spiritual life. Sorry If I have written more about myself and hurt someone in the process but I wanted to share my experiences with those who are interested.

In essence I would like to say that our relationship with cows and Krishna are similar in nature. It is very much fruitful.  We should not look at cows only as source of cures but just keep serving her and keep our connection with her alive and in turn we will receive her blessings as and when they come. It may take few weeks, one year or even 10 years we have to be patient.

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  1. Struggler says:

    Thank you very much.
    Pls let know how to use ghruta in the proper manner.
    Also pls let know whether ghruta needs to be kept in fridge or can it be kept in open in a container. Will it stale if we keep it outside?

    Ans – How to use will I will write soon. It doesn’t need to be kept in fridge. It never gets spoilt. It can last for 100 years. Yes, it should be kept in covered clean vessels.

  2. Dinesh Salve says:

    Life of every animal is important so why you do not make people aware of crimes related to other animals. Is it because they are not useful to us like cow ?

    Ans –
    Vedic scriptures tell us not to kill any living entity. At the same time the existence of whole world is dependent on protection of cows. Its not only humans that are benefited by cow protection but all species, ecology, environment, seasonal balance, pollution prevention, etc are dependent on protection of cows.

    For all the species to exist joyfully cows have to be protected. So we should not kill any living entities but cow protection is given special importance as her portection is beneficial to all species and universe.

    Cows are not given importance just because they are beneficial to us but are a blessing to all species.

    Also cow blessing bring a very positive change in consciousness or personality of humans. So it is given importance. We save cow’s so that not only humans will be saved but whole world. Since this is not true about other living entities we give more stress on cow protection at the same time we understand that no one should be killed.

    By cow protection automatically good thoughts and behavioral patterns will come into existence. This will lead to mercy and love to other living entities as well.


  3. Sachin Patil says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

    Can we say the ghee made in go-shala is of proper manner.If not will it gives us benefit ?also may I know content in the cow ghee & how it will superior to buffalo ghee.

    Ans – Your question is too vague. There are hundreds of goshalas in India and around world and there are various breeds of cows they have and there are various ways of making ghee they employ. The attitude of people in charge varies from nice caring to completely neglectful. So how can I answer that ghee made in goshala is pf proper manner. You have to specify which goshala, which method etc and then only I can answer. Or rather any one can go and check if the cows, process and persons are ok. About cows and process I have already written in blog. About persons we can see for ourselves.

    If the cows and ghee matches what I have said in blog previously that ghee is for sure going to be beneficial. My field is not to study cow ghee with modern approach of chemical labs. Yes for modern people it may be required. But I can’t do all things. I can say Right ghee will cure diseases of vata and pitta which are cause of 80 – 90% of diseases. It will strengthen bones and can reverse weakening of bones if eating ghee is couples with right lifestyle etc. If i can do this with right ghee which I have experienced as described in ayurveda then why I need the chemical tests. Ghee can do much more. Buffalo ghee is heavy and give heaviness in gross and subtle body to human. It is suitalbe for wrestlers. They can take it along with cow ghee.

  4. sanket says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhuji,


    Even after hearing ur class in pune,i couldn’t start using cow products due to habit of postponing.
    But now i have started using cow urine.

  5. Thank you for sharing your experience and giving valuable advice.

  6. SyamaGopal dasa says:

    Thank you so much prabhuji. If it were not for your lectures, I for sure would have never come to understand these deeper truths and importance of cows…very grateful for all your endeavours of help us in getting started to connect with Mother Cow!

  7. RAJU says:

    Hare Krishna prabhu,
    Thank you for giving wonderful information. I use Goshala products from our Belgaum farm and Tirupati faarm regularly at our home . Recently i came to know about Gujarat Goshala through site. I purchased and started using products. Gopika soap and pearl shampoo are wonderful. Go arka, panchamritha, Angarakshak soap also i am using. Ghee also i ordered. I am getting back pain prabhu, kindly tell how to use ghee prabhu.

    In, Bangalore ISKCON Jagannath mandir, we are going to sell our Jasdan (Gujarat) Goshala products.

    Ans –
    ANs – Thanks. Till date Rajkot make one of best ghee (ghruta) in most bonafide way. you can get good one from Bafna goshala in Jalgaon as well.

    The products from Belgaum are OK. About tirupati I don’t know. Till I know I can’t comment. I have heard that they have cross bread cows and if the people /devotees there are not careful then we should be careful. This is not an opinion as I don’t know. I have to find out about Tirupati. If you can give me some right person’s tel or e mail Id then I can know more.

    About back pain I will write general health guidelines and you may have to wait till then.


    Ans – Thanks for comment. I have mostly reference of Hindi books. Still for your information I am mentioning them here. 1. Gomutra mahaaushadhi by Baba Balvant singh. 2. pancha gavya chikitsa. both these books are at rajasthan goseva sangh, Durgapura, tonk road, Jaipur. Tel – 0141- 2551310, 2545954

    All books available at Sri Uttam maheshwari, Kandivili, Mumbai. tel – 022-28463439, 65233439

    Some books from Valsad cancer hospital written by sri Keshrichand Mehta, contact bharat bhai shah – 09920388533 (India mobile)

  9. Jaydeep says:

    Hare Krishan Prabhu,

    Thanks a lot for sharing this extremely useful information. This encourages me to use the cow products more enthusiastically. I have started using tooth powder from Panchgavya. I will take up other things too, especially the dropping of ghee in our nostrils.

    We should all use these products to save ourselves from the ill effects of the life style we all are leaving.

  10. Haridas Varya Das says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

    Thank you very much for sharing the information. Could you please advise on the quality of products available from

    Ans – Good at present (2012). I think they will maintain at least till HG Ghanshyam pr is present there.

  11. Amit Singh says:

    Hare Krishna Madan Gopal Pr,

    I have listened to your lectures on Go Seva. It was really an eye opener for me and I have started using the ‘Cow Blessings’ and reaping the results. Just because of your lecture I have seen lot of devotees in ISKCON started using the cow soaps, cow urine and ghee and have forsaken the chemical based soaps, toothpaste etc. I express my deep gratitude to you for having done this. Thank you very much.

    Best Regards,
    Amit Singh

  12. Venkataraj LA says:

    Hare Krishna,

    After reading your blog. My name is venkataraj LA, 35 yr old.
    I tried to find vedic cow, then purchased milk, made curd and struggled to churn it and to get butter. Tried to make butter in to ghee.
    This all was happening for last two months and now i am getting the pure ghee.
    While i was doing all this even my own family members started seeing me differently.
    The aroma of the GHEE is really superb.
    Last few days i started using the GHEE regularly. before that i had measured my sugar and lipid profile.
    I decided to use this for a month and again test my sugar and lipid profile.
    Both results i will send to you after a month.
    If possible let me know how to use the ghee, how much to be consumed.
    Same day can we eat Ghee and honey? not mixing.
    Seek your valuable reply.
    Thankx in advance.
    Hare krishna,

    Ans – Thanks for comment. I am waiting for the results of tests. One point of caution. Don’t eat or drink anything fridge cooled. Eat normal room temperature or warm/ hot. For how much and how to use ghee read more articles of my blog. Ghee can be consumed around 50ml per day but as per my articles. Take care. yes you can eat ghee and honey at separate timings in same day.

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