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   Sep 21

True Story! – The drought.

Hare Krsna!

Once upon a time in the year 1986, there was severe drought in the state of Maharashtra and Karnataka.  Poor people, cows, bulls and other animals were dying from hunger and thirst.   Few people from from Bijapur (lamina Caste) had come to Kolhapur to earn a better living.  They had brought many cows and bulls along with them, however because of the circumstances they were selling their cows at a very low price.  This was an excellent opportunity for Butcher.

Beating cows with sticks had become a common sight .Although cows and bulls were hungry, they were beaten, they hardly could walk.  Once on such occasion when a butcher was passing through the hanuman temple, one of the cows from the heard ran away and sat in front of the deity of Hanuman and would not mover although the butcher would beat the cow with the sticks.  Tears were rolling down from the eyes of the cows and there were around 70 to 80 wounds on her body.

Blood was oozing out of her body.  Being helpless, she was looking at all directions for help.  At that time, a rich property owner Sri Balalaika Patil was passing by and could not tolerate the injustice, pleaded to the Butcher for some mercy.  However, butcher was not ready to spare the cow.  Therefore, the property owner called villagers and they decided to buy all the cows from the butcher; however, nobody agreed to buy the cow that was beaten badly and could hardly stand.  Therefore, the property owner decided to buy that cow at a very high price.

After that, the Landlord lovingly requested the cow “Oh mother please get up”, as soon, the Landlord uttered these words, the cow stood up.  Villagers were very much surprised.  Along with the Cow, lot of good luck and prosperity came at the property owner’s house.   Cow became healthy within 8 to 10 days at the property owners house, since property owner was personally taking care of the cow.

Seeing the Prosperity of the Landlord, few envious villagers accused Patil for stealing that cow.  Patil was arrested and sued in the court.  Court ordered to take the cow in the Government Custody.  However cow was so angry that she would shoo away the government servants.  Even 8 to 10 villagers could not catch the cow.  The villagers started beating the cow with the cane; Patil could not tolerate this so he released the cow.    Government servants took the cow to Mahal Rayabag after a huge struggle of hitting the cow all through the way.  Cow stopped eating for around 10 days and after considering, the situation the magistrate decided to let the cow stay at the Patils house until the final decision is passed.

It was a fraud case and few Hindus along with some Brahmans were also involved in suing Patil.  They claimed that the cow was purchased from a proxy village and was sold to another proxy village.  The Magistrate ordered Patil to show the proof of the purchase, Patil informed the magistrate that he does not have any such proof, however he narrated entire story to the Magistrate.  Magistrate decided to set free the Cow and observe the cow’s reaction.  They took the cow to the Proxy village and set free the cow,  However Cow neither went to the house of the villager who was claiming to have purchased the cow nor went to the original seller i.e. butcher.  Instead the Cow ran 10kms back to the Patil’s house.  Truth was victorious and Patil was set Free with Respect.  Cow was very happy.

Later cow gave birth to 7 claves and would give lot of milk.  Patil became very prosperous over the years.  Years passed by and cow became very old and left its body in a special way.  She went for grazing and at one particular place; she sat down and left its body.  In her remembrance Patil constructed a memorial at that place.

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  1. manoj says:

    very nice, heart touching story

  2. Sohan Hajare says:

    prabhu can we contact Patil prabhu, where is this memorial constructed.

    Ans – I don’t have the address. But as my experience says if some one does some hard work to find out he will be successful. You can get the original story from Go seva ke chamatkar book in Hindi by gita press Gorakhpur. May be you or some one else can do this service and get blessed. If I get I will inform you.

  3. ganesh jaigadi says:

    thank u for writting this wonderfull article

  4. veenanand says:

    a story that all the youngesters should read and understand the values of indin culture.
    Thanks a lot for the heart touching story.

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