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   Sep 21

True Story! – The brahmana couple.

Hare Krsna!

Once upon a time, a Sanyasi visited a very gentle Brahman Family.  Brahman Couple had no children and so they were little unhappy.  In spite of that, they were very religious and devoted couple.   Brahman was quite well to do and prosperous.  The Brahman couple received the Sanyasi very nicely and served him very nicely.   Later neighbours of this Brahman couple came and listened to the Sanyasi with great devotion.  In those days, people had great respect and faith on the saintly people, and sannyasi used to give right kind of advice and lived up to the mark of sanyasi.  Post lunch villagers and the saint started discussing on various topics.

While discussing various topics, the villagers glorified the Brahman by stating that, this Brahman is most religious, gentle and humble in the entire village.  However, they glorified the Brahman in his absence.  They also informed the saint that he is most truthful, humble and always ready to serve the saints and guest at his house, however why is the personality of God upset with this great devotee, they inquired.  Later in the evening all, the guest dispersed and the saint had decided to stay at the Brahmans house for the night.

Next day the saint expressed desire leave, but the Brahman replied, “How is this possible. You have come to our home and how can you leave without honoring Prasad (lunch) at our home. Please take lunch, have some rest and then you can go where ever you desire.” The saint agreed. Seeing this Brahman couple joyfully, offered obeisances to the saintly man. That time the saint replied that both of you will soon see the face of your own son. The Brahman was little astonished and asked for the reason for such a benediction. The saint said that by serving guests Lord Aryan is pleased. As both of you have always served all the guests so nicely for so many years, lord is pleased with you and so he is giving you blessing through me. Please have no doubt in this matter.

Brahman was astonished further and asked, “What is our duty now?” Sadhu immediately replied, “Serving cows.”   After that, the saint left the home of Brahman.  Later they got a cow along with calf and were completely engaged in her service. Every morning they would bathe the cow.
They would get new fresh green grass and feed the cow with lot of devotion and love.  They used to feed the cow nice cooked food and crops from their field.  Thus, they would try to please cow in all possible ways. Thus some days passed. The wife of Brahman would wash feet of cow and use the water to clean he hair. She would drink this holy water and put it on her head. In evening time, she would light the cowshed with lights and prepare nice soft bedding from grass for her. She would get up very early in morning much before sunrise
and clean the cow – shed.

Because of the love and devotion of the couple, the calf and cow were very happy and became very healthy.  Later after few weeks, the symptoms of pregnancy appeared in the body of brahmani. In due course of time she gave birth to very beautiful child. Hearing this news the whole village was immersed in joy. All remembered the blessings of the saint. The result was that all people started serving cows with full heart.

I have heard about this incident in my childhood (Madan Gopal Prabhu). Then when I grew up I heard a similar story from scriptures. Maharaja Dilip in whose dynasty latter Lord Rama had appeared was similarly instructed by his family guru Vasistha. When Maharaj Dilip had approached his guru Vasistha for similar reason of not having a child, Vasistha muni also had instructed Dilip to engage in service
of holy cow along with his wife.

As per the instruction received, Maharaj Dilip along with his wife Sudakshina accepted the instructions of Vasistha and started serving the
holy cow Nandini with full faith and devotion. In order to protect her he started moving with her in forests, mountains, and on banks of streams etc.
Then by using an illusory lion the cow, nandini tested the king and then being please nandini blessed the King and his wife to have an excellent son. Because of this, King Raghu was born and so the dynasty was known as Raghuvanshi…

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  1. SyamaGopal dasa says:

    So wonderful prabhuji, without cows there was/is no vedic life. Our modern culture of just exploiting mother cow – is a disease and only brings suffering…

  2. siva says:

    good story. Reminded me of my school day lession. It is heatening to read this kind of stories when people more towards cow killing in this degraded age.

  3. Bhupendra Hada says:

    Very Nice story ……………………
    Hope one day I will also get some chance to do GoSeva and please mother gomata

  4. Raju Gupta says:

    Thanks for such a good story.

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