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   Jun 08

Why is cow called mother?

Hare Krsna!

Mother is one who loves her children. She cannot do a single act which is harmful or not good for her children. Mother supports her offspring in all ways. In sanskrita there is word dharan. It means to bear or support. As seen in previous post cow is support of all living entities.

This world will prosper only by the presence of holy vedic cows. This world will be nourished in all ways by her presence. Today cows may be seeming as a burden especially because we are not aware of how cows are nourishing all humanity, earth and universe. So instead of helping cows in their sustenance of world we are creating obstacles.

Mother’s nature is selfless love and her unconditional love for her children. Vedic cows is the only entity who has unconditional love for all living entities in world. It is so that even their dung and urine are only for benefit for the world.

There is a story to make this point of mother’s love. It is as follows. Once upon a time a son somehow very much loathed his mother and one day he came to kill her with a knife. While running towards her whom the mother also could see he tripped and hurt himself with his own knife. But the mother did not stop. She went to him and nursed him with love. Only mothers can have that kind of love in this world.

There is another anecdote in this regard as follows. Sometimes wife may make some item to eat and husband’s generally comment is, this is good but not as the taste of my mother. Actually wife has also made it nicely but she cannot artificially imitate the love of mother which she will feel for her children. Sometimes the wife may ask mother in law about preparing an item but still husband finds it not to match that of mother. This is not wrong. What is missing is the love element of mother in food.

Similarly food grown on cow dung has special properties. We cannot experience a higher, satisfied, peacefull life until we get that love of mother cow. We cannot be healthy, free from stress till be get love of mother cow. Today’s situation is exactly like that. The whole world is becoming a mess lacking love of holy mother cow in all walks of life. Recognizing this fact was the glories of vedic culture.

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  1. Madan Murari Das says:

    Dear Madan Gopal Prabhuji

    Thank you very much for all the things you are doing for us, by educating us about the cows.

  2. SyamaGopal dasa says:

    Prabhuji, thank you so much for this wonderful site and your talks to awaken us from the dangerous sleep of ignoring mother cow…

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