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   Jun 01

Glories of Panchagavya

Hare Krsna!

Glories of panchagavya (five products from cows viz. Milk, curd, ghee (clarified butter), urine and dung).

  • Gavyam pavitram cha rasayanam cha                                                                   pathyam cha hrdyam bala-buddhidam syat                                                           Ayur pradam rakta vikarahari                                                                     tridosha-hrdaroga-vishapaham syat

It means this pancha gavya is supremely pure, elixir, pleasing to heart and giver of strength and intelligence. It is giver  of life, remover of all blood diseases and remover of 3 doshas (kapha, vata, pitta). It also removes heart diseases and works against poisons.

Without pancha gavya a person is now allowed to perform yajna.

The glories is that just by drinking it all sins are destroyed. –

  • Yattvagasthitam paapam dehe tishthati mamake                                               Prashan panchagavyasya dahatvagnirivedhanam

Just by drinking of panchagavya whatever sins exists in body from skin to bones all those sins are burned and destroyed immediately.

Just by serving cow once all demigods are pleased.

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  1. Sumeet says:

    Thank you very much for this valuable knowledge MGP,HARE KRISHNA.

  2. Radha Ranjan MAdhav says:

    Hare Krishna prabhuji,

    Could you please let me know answers to few questions:
    1. How long panchgavya (months/year) can be utilised after preparation?
    2. What is the best way of consumption of panchgavya?

    Actually, I’m suffering from psoriasis for many years now, so looking for permanent cure by using cow products. Any additional help in this regard would be very helpful.

    thanks in advance,

    Ans – Pancha gavya is not an item of its own but as you see in article it is one name for all the five products of mother cow together. Till now I don’t know what on panch gavya is how it should be accepted.

    Actually there is one process to make panchagavaya from all five blessings but I don’t know how to make it and hence not know how ling it lasts. I know 1 -2 people who know it but they are not willing to share as they don’t want to allow any one not qualified hear about it. But in the process in this deprived age of Kali one more source of knowledge will be destroyed.

  3. Navin says:

    Please find below the recipe to make Pancagavya however, this needs to come from a cow who has been taken care of properly. Mother cow is not meant for exploitation & thus with utmost respect & honor , she blesses with the below mentioned knowledge of how to help living entities with her products.

    This panchgavya is for agricultural use only. For internal use there is different process.

    Please read on..

    In Sanskrit, Panchagavya means the blend of five products obtained from cow. (All these five products are individually called ‘Gavya’ and collectively termed as ‘Panchagavya’) It contains ghee, milk, curd, cow dung and cow’s urine. Panchagavya had reverence in the scripts of Vedas (devine scripts of Indian wisdom) and Vrkshyurveda (Vrksha means plants and ayurveda means health system). The texts on Vrkshayurveda are systematizations of the practices the farmers followed at field level, placed in a theoretical framework and it defined certain plant growth stimulants; among them Panchagavya was an important one that enhanced the biological efficiency of crop plants and the quality of fruits and vegetables (Natarajan, 2002).

    For making approx. 20 litres of panchagavya you need the following:
    * Fresh cow dung – 5kg
    * Fresh cow’s urine – 3 litres
    * Cow’s milk – 2 litres
    * Cow’s curd – 2 litres
    * Cow’s ghee – 500 gms
    * Jaggery – 500 gms
    * Water or sugarcane juice – 3 litres
    * Ripe banana fruit – 1 bunch (12 nos.)
    * Tender coconut water – 3 litres
    * toddy – 2 litres
    (If toddy is not available, you can ferment 3 litres of tender coconut water by keeping it in a pot for 1 week. That will become toddy. )

    Method of preparation:
    * Take 5 kgs of fresh cow dung and mix it thoroughly with 500 gms of cow’s ghee and keep it in a plastic drum or a mud pot. It should not be kept in a metal container because it will corrode and react with the metal. Keep the ghee and the cow dung mixture for 4 days, mixing it twice a day.
    * On the 5th day add cow’s urine, cow’s milk (cow’s milk can be boiled, cooled and then added) and cow’s curd, then jaggery with water or sugarcane juice and banana fruit (which has to be mashed and mixed thoroughly.) Then tender coconut water has to be added.
    * Wait for another 15 days, stirring twice daily. Stirring the contents for about 20 minutes each time facilitates aerobic microbial activity.
    * On the 19th day the panchagavya solution will be ready. This solution must be kept under a net, i.e. it must be covered with a muslin or fine cloth so that the common fly cannot sit on it and lay eggs. For use after 19th day, stir the mixture at least once a day to aerate it.

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