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   Jun 17

Glories of Cow Urine

Hare Krsna!

Here In this category I am going to speak about glories of Cow urine. Ganga devi resides in cow urine. All qualities of mother Ganga are present in cow urine. Just as when ganga water is filled in a vessel it never gets spoiled cow urine also never gets spoiled. It can be kept for as long as required and not get spoiled. Its colour will change because of copper and other salts but it will never get spoiled. It will get very strong odour and so will become difficult for internal consumption. But for external use it is best. Cow urine has many wonderful qualities and they will be discussed subsequently. All the points mentioned here are fully applicable to vedic cow only.

For what is vedic cow look at –
Cows blood has tremendous pran shakti (energy) as it gathers from universe while grazing around. The kidneys filter the blood and thus cow urine is also full of pran shakti (energy). Thus it works wonder for humans when consumed. It works wonders in agriculture and in pest control.

How cow urine helps in curing diseases is given below.
By restoring the balance of the three elements – air, bile and mucous. Cow urine balances these elements. Samya dosharogata – “when three elements are balanced there are no disease. Balancing the three elements should be the aim of cure. Cow urine balances three elements, but it enhances bile to some extent.

Sarve rogaah hi mandaagnau” All diseases begin with mandaagni – low digestive fire i.e. poor digestive capacity. Digestive fire and bile are synonymous. If fire of digestion is strong, diseases won’t occur. Cow urine keeps the fire of digestion strong.

Toxins cause germs in the body, which in turn give rise to diseases. Cow urine is germicidal.

Irregular bowel movements cause diseases. Cow urine regulates bowel movements.

Weakening of immunity system also causes disease. Cow urine strengths immunity system.

Gavyam tu samprotkam, jivaniya rasayanam – “cow urine gives life and it is the elixir of life.” There are some micronutrients in our body, which give life and strength to it. These micronutrients are thrown out through our urine. This is how ageing progresses in our body. Cow urine compensates this loss of micronutrients (enzymes), thus slowing the ageing process.

Cow – urine destroys our miseries and sufferings by purifying both body and mind. Thus mental diseases do not persist. Cow urine is in the mode of goodness (Satvik). Cancer is caused due to virus in toxins. These toxin generated viral diseases like cancer are destroyed by regular intake of cow urine. Cow urine is fully successful in destroying toxins.

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  1. Girish Muthiyan says:

    thank you Pr for such a nice insight on cow urine with wonderful photo.

    Gopal lila das

  2. kanchan says:

    Thank you for an informative and useful blog.
    Just wanted to add that cow urine should not be consumed during pregnancy as it may lead to abortion(as suggested by an Ayurvedic Doctor)


  3. thank you.

    You are correct. It can be consumed in half or 1/4 th normal quantity. Then it won’t be a problem. Children and pregnant woman should take half or 1/4th normal quantity.

    Madan Gopal Das.

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