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   May 26

Cows in Krishna Lila

Hare Krsna!

Srimad Bhagawatam begins with glorifying the supreme lord Krsna. But Sri Krsna in his topmost abode of goloka is absorbed in worship of cows. His abode is centered and named around cows. Krsna lila cannot be separated from love of cows ( go prema).

As soon as Krsna appeared on earth in the jail, his father Vasudev decided to give 10000 excellent payaswini cows in charity. When Krsna reached Vrndavan Nanda maharaj gave lakhs of cows in charity. Sri vrndavan is called gostha. Gostha means a place where atleast one crore (10 million) cows reside.

When sri Krsna was brought down from Putana’s chest he was bathed with cow urine and tilak of cow dung was applied. Krsna’s body was cleaned with tail of cow. Dust of cows was applied on his body. Sri Krsna was happy seeing that his lila is meant to glorify go seva (service to cows).

Then when lord grew up he started moving around house. He would not like to play with toys but he would go to go shala (cow shed). He would go to area where cows and calves were moving around. Lord would be very happy to cover his body with go raja (dust from lotus feet of cows). Mother yashoda would go to pick up lord in anxiety fearing that a cow or calf might step on small Krsna.

There were special padmagandha cows in Nanda maharaj’s goshala (cow shed). These cows would emit a wonderful lotus like fragrance. Even such fragrance would come from their milk, curd and butter milk. Even their dung and urine had a special fragrance like lotus. By the mixture of cow dung and urine of these cows a mixture was created and it was called vraj kardam. Lord would go and sit in this mixture in go-shala (cow shed). Krsna would take palmful of this mixture and put it on balaram’s body. This is called Pankabhishek lila by saints. Seeing this mother yashoda would call out and say, “Oh son it appears that you had taken an incarnation of boar in last life. Lord would reply, Oh! Mother you are saying with anger but it is true that I had taken the form of boar.

Then lord grew up a little and walking he would go near calves. The calves would come near lord and smell him. Getting the divine fragrance from lord the calves would jump up in ecstasy and start dancing. As the calves would stand again lord Krsna would go slowly and catch their tail. Just by the divine touch of lord the calves would be joyfull and start running around the place with full energy. Lord would keep hanging to tails of calves and also enjoy the pastime. This is love of cows and calves of sri Krsna.

Sri Bilva mangal thakur in his book Krsna karnamrta says as follows – Oh! Lord You joyfully move around in mud of Vrndavan made up of cow urine, dung and dust from cows foot, but you feel hesitant to go to yajna sthali of brahmanas. Hearing the mowing of cows you answer them in the language of calves which you understand but when great Brahma prays to you, Oh lord you keep quiet and stand without replying. But when calves make sound you quickly run towards them and embrace them. Oh! Lord I have understood that you don’t regard any other principle but only love of cows. You are satisfied with only those who have love of cows in their heart.

What is love of cows – to be continued in next post.

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  1. prathamesh (bhandirvan) says:

    its really amezing to read…. inspiring & motivating to LOVE cows…The Lord to whom we want to achieve… is already captivated by love of Cow.. its very amezing thing..

  2. lucky says:

    jai go mata

  3. shivang says:

    Hare Krishna
    Jai go mata i really thanks to mdan gopal prabhu for giving this divine knowdlege of mother cows this website is very nice to gather the knowledge of mother cows and krishna,it inspires me lot to serve mother cows and krishna it really helps to protect mother cows
    Dandvat pranam
    shivang das

  4. VERY GOOD EDITING,evvryLILA of LORD has spiritual as well scientific explanation.If possible plz. add.

  5. prasad says:

    It is very nice to read it . one get absorbed in vrindavan , krishna leela and the godhan around krishna . While reading this one start feeling that he is in the nandamaharaj goshala with krishna and playing with calves

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