Cow Protection and Krishna Consciousness

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   May 25

Mata Sarva Devanam

Hare Krsna!

The scriptures say the following about the cow, “Tvam mata sarva devanam.” – Means you are mother of all demigods as well. Cow is mother of all 33 crore demigods as well. Cow nourishes all in this universe and that why she is called mother. She is mother of all demigods, sages, humans and all living entities on face of earth. The main pran (living force) for all living entities are received from Mother cow (Vedic cow –

Vedic cow was mother of all entities in past, present and will be in future. Mother is one who can give life to her offsprings. She is one who give nourishment, joy and life. One who gives death, disease and pain how can that be our mother. Mother cow nourishes our goodness in life. Cow nourishes earth and living entities on it by her dung and urine. She nourishes men by her milk and curd. She nourishes demigods by her ghee. When demigods are nourished the rains and seasonal changes happen on time. As at present there is lack of cow ghee all the above men, earth and demigods are not properly nourished. So we see so many natural calamities happening in quick succession. We might name them natural calamities but it is lack of cow milk, curd, urine, dung and ghee.

We call such natural calamities as ecological imbalance but reality is lack of cows and her products (blessings). In this way cow sustains all living entities. What we take from earth is returned to her through cow dung and urine. So in this way earth is nourished. In present day we are taking from earth but what we are giving it back in form of fertilizers and pesticides.

We are returning only poison. If this continues earth will become barren and will not be albe to grow anything as we are seeing slowly happening.

If sages (sadhakas) become worshipers of cows then they will quickly achieve their goals of spiritual emancipation.

So cow is the base of all creation. Without her this nature cannot go on properly. Cow is base of dharma, natural arrangements, civilisation, good impressions, health etc. Without cow nothing of above is possible. Cows blessing are the best to please Supreme lord. Cow’s blessings are infallible. She is mine of blessings.

We cannot understand all these glories of mother cow if we keep neglecting her and looking at her with disrespect.

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