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   Dec 22

[Q&A] Ghee from Milk Cream

  Question: Would like to know the reason of not using most of the cream of the milk , turning the cream into thick yogurt, then churning that yogurt into butter and heating it till it turns into ghee? Because one can sell or use the milk which still has enough cream on it to […]

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   Dec 15

[Q&A] Vedic Lifestyle and Time Constraint

      Question: Incase if we follow all instructions as per Vedic scriptures (for e.g. about Ghruta, our eating habits, sleeping habits etc) we will not be able to preach because of time constraint. Srila Prabhupada had said that ours is a preaching movement. Prabhupada could have comfortably stayed in vrindavan living his life according to […]

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   Mar 30

Practices useful to increase Cow’s milk

  Practices useful to increase Cow’s milk. To feed fresh, green grass daily. To milk the cow and feed the milk to her.

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   Mar 12

Comparison of Pricing of Modern vs. Vedic Ghruta (Ghee)

Comparison: pricing of ghruta (ghee) made by correct process and by modern process. Ghee made properly will be costly compared to so call ghee available in market today. The current rates of ingredients dated 15th Jan 2011 are being used for calculation. Pure and correctly made ghee will cost at least Rs 900 per kg. […]

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   Nov 20

More uses of Cow Urine.

Hare Krsna! Following are few more tips on how cow urine is beneficial to humans. Please note: we need to use the urine of Vedic cows only and kindly visit: for more details. Eye drops: Put few drops of cow’s urine in your eyes with the help of a dropper. For starters it’s important […]

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