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   Apr 08

Reader Testimony – Ghee Miracles!


Hare Krishna Prabhuji,


I do not want to miss an opportunity to glorify mother Cow. I have been lucky serving ISKCON Project from past 8years. Just 5-6 years ago, when our Pune New Temple Project started, there were many marathons for fund raising; even I extended my seva neglecting my health.. Late nights, irregular eating times, not drinking water throughout the day, as a result I slowly started getting skin infections. It first developed on back of my neck. There was severe itching, later it started appearing on my hands as well.

As usual, I approached a skin specialist (Allopathy) doctor experimented with different medicines but with no proper cure. Instead it created more body heat which resulted into pimples on my face.  After 3-4 months I realised that this Doctor is experimenting different medicines on me. Moreover Doctor agreed that he was not able to understand what’s happening?  Later I started taking Ayurvedic Medicines – Khada, tablets, however nothing worked.

Skin Infection was spreading in my hands, so I had to use gloves for almost a year while I took bath and wash clothes, because if water falls on the hands, it used to create great irritation… It was a very bad situation…Once I was in Mayapur doing Bhaktishastri course, during a night, my whole body became red and I started getting severe itching, not understanding  what to do, I kept on praying… There I found a Kaviraj, Ayurved Doctor, he asked me to avoid some food and gave some medicine and told me it will take few years to cure, since there is excessive heat in my body…I kept on trying his medicines. Then when I came back to Pune, I found a good Ayurvedic Hospital, every month I had to spend around Rs. 1200 for medicines, plus complete oil massage every day… I started Yoga also… I was thin and unhealthy; I wanted to be healthy…. I also tried nature therapy- steam bath, mud bath, oil massage.

At that point of time I met you (Madangopal P) in Pune, bringing the glories of Mother Cow. I started using all Cow products, stopped everything… I purchased Go-sushma Book and I was very much inspired by the Cow Milk and Ghee that is explained in the book. I would love to have the book (Apana Doctor Svayambane), if it comes in English.

It was really a miracle, that after you left Pune, every one became Cow Conscious.  We are getting Pure Cow (Desi Cows) Milk by Rajavidya P. I started taking hot Cow milk and ghee and stopped all medicines.

After a month or 2 I noticed that all my health problems were solved miraculously. I had severe acidity, but when I started taking Cow Milk and Ghee, my hunger increased, My appetite increased. I became healthy, within 2 months.

Right from my childhood I had severe acidity problem and was also very thin and unhealthy, I used to do pranayam, Gym, Chavanprasha…nothing was helping. But the Ghee really did miracle on my health

In between I stopped Ghee due to some problems, Again I was reduced in size and so many health problems. Again I started Cow Milk and Ghee (from Rajkot), within a month I was again healthy. Everyone was surprised. All glories to Mother Cow! I could really see, I was active throughout the day, with gallons of energy, no dizziness…Now I can understand why we call Cow as our mother. I was very much inspired by Uttam Maheshwariji’s Classes, I distributed his lectures to many devotees by making CDs, In fact I was feeling very sorry for the medical students and our culture as we were supposed to study all these things in our Educational curriculum, It is our great misfortune, that many are unaware of the treasure in our Vedic heritage. Also, Srila Prabhupada says, “you can survive with a piece of land and cows, no industrial products are required”. There is a great meaning to it. Even I have great desire to serve mother cow by doing something that will stop slaughtering of cows for its meat and by products.

I am also using all the cow products, and am trying to spread the word about the glories of Mother Cow.

Thank you very much prabhuji, for giving me an opportunity to glorify Go – Mata.

Your Servant

Anantashesh Das (Nagabhushan L.C)

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  1. Sunny Mattas says:

    Very inspiring!!

  2. Gautam Dessai says:

    AGT Go Mata
    Hare Krishna Prabuji
    Thank you very much for sharing your experience .
    The health problems of mine is some what less but similar to yours.
    It will be very much helpful if you elaborately tell about the type of ghee & method to consume .

    Thank you very much
    your servant in Krishna Consciousness

    Ans – see the various articles on the topic in this blog itself and things will be clear.
    Please contact Nagbushan_C_L at who had written me the letter which I have put up on blog.

  3. Vimal says:

    Hare Krishna,
    We need such testimonies so that we ourselves can be inspired about this simple yet amazing wealth of vedic tradition.. The Holy Mother Cow.

    Thank you prabhuji for sharing this wonderful incident and I am happy to know that prabhu’s health is good now by mercy of mother cow.
    Your servant,

  4. manish vithalni says:

    Foll. are the links to the seminar that Prabhuji is referring to.All the benefits of cow ghee, ark, gobar etc. are mentioned with procedure to be taken.

    Two Hr Seminar Uttam maheshwari ji “How to make Bharat(india) Golden Bird just by saving via DESI COW”

    Five Hr workshop By Uttamji

  5. Shyamkant Satpute says:

    Nice to hear the incredible and wonderful effect of Go ghrut. Only the thing to remember for readers is that it has always to be taken HOT. No cold things like ice cream should be eaten later else all the beneficial effects will vanish. Jai GOMATA, JAI GOPAL.

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