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   Jul 15

Reader Testimony – Go Ark (cow urine extract) Miracles!


All glories to Mother Cow.

Before writing this article, I would like to get Mother Cow’s Blessing.  I would like to write few of my realization related to Mother Cow.

I offer my humble obeisance’s to Mother Cow for giving me her causeless mercy, because of which I could share few of my realizations.


Go-ark Miracles:-

  • 1.      Problem of Pitta

Problem: – I had severe Pitta problem in my body.  Whenever I had headache and if it’s severe then Pitta comes out But in the past I already had Pitta problem. Whenever I travelled in the bus I had severe nausea problem.

Solution: – I started taking Go-ark either in the morning or in the night as per the instruction.  I continued to drink Go-ark for a year.  I passed out from my college.  I received an offer letter from a company that is 50kms away from my house.   There was no other option to travel other then bus.  In the past when I used to travel by bus for even 30kms I had severe nausea.  However I was not sure what will happen now since I was taking Go –ark from past one year.  Finally the day arrived.  I started travelling.  However to my surprise I did not have slight feeling of nausea even once.  It’s almost one full year and till day I did not have nausea problem while travelling.

  • 2.      Problem of stomach pain

Problem: – One of my neighbors had a severe stomach ache. My neighbor never had alcohol or any tobacco substance in his entire life.  He had stomach ache regularly and he had consulted many doctors for the same.

Solution: – I visited this neighbor friend of mine and suggested Go-ark.  I gave him enough Go-ark which was sufficient for three days, He started using it immediately and on the third day itself he realized that his ache has vanished suddenly.  Before he could convey good news to me I had left for my duty to another village.  Later when I visited him again he told me about the miracle and requested me to get Go-ark for him.

  • 3.      Dantamanjan Miracles:-

Influence of hearing Go Mata class was so strong that I instantly started using Dantamanjan.  I never had any tooth problem. I was using Dantamanjan instead of toothpaste.  However when I had visited my village, I had noticed that my father’s tooth were aching and were also moving.  It had become weak because of tobacco chewing habit.  I suggested my father to use Dantamanjan.  After using this Dantamanjan powder he realized that his teeth’s are not moving and have become little strong.  Moreover the ache in the tooth had vanished especially when he used to eat something specific hot and spicy. From that day onwards he has been using Dantamanjan regularly.  .

  • 4.      Netrajyoti Miracle:-

Due to old age my father’s eyesight had become weak.  I had suggested him to use Netrajyoti.  As per the recommendation he used to use it daily at night just before going to sleep.  He had to put few drops of Netrajyoti every night in his eyes.  After few months i.e. after two to three months of usage of Netrajyoti he informed me that his specks number has been reduced.

  • 5.      Face pack Miracle:-

My cousin sister is in her teens and as the natural course she had lots of pimples on her face.  I gave her the face pack and now she has no pimples on her face any more.

  • 6.      Shishu Go-Rakshak:-

This is medicine I experimented on my sister’s son few days ago. Her son is just one and a half year old.  He had toilet issue. He used to pass bowel only after two to three days and whenever he had to pass toilet he had terrible pain in the stomach. Because of which he used to cry a lot. She had consulted many doctors for the same. They used to prescribe medicines which once over the problem and ache would occur once again. Co-incidentally I had carried with me Shishu Go- Rakshak that day.  I gave it to her and told her to use as per the prescription.  What a miracle! Her son has regular toilet and has no stomach pain. She was very grateful to mother cow.


If you want to verify above details you can call or write to me at following in India.

Shailesh Swamy (B. Tech, Chemical Engineering): +91 9373881896,

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  1. prajyot says:

    Gomata ki Jai….

  2. Nayan says:

    Hare Krishna! PAMHO
    1) Can some one take Distilled cow urine in pregnancy? if yes, then when and how much to consume?
    Ans – Please see

    2) If some one lacking in calcium what is the solution?
    Ans – One way is to add lime (chuna) in water. then take 1 – 2 spoons of this water mixed with food. Don’t drink lime water directly without mixing with food. It will burn your mouth.

    Thank you for your help.

  3. Manjari says:

    Hare krishna! Dandavat Pranam!

    1) That means 6 milliliter Distilled cow urine after food with water.

    Ans – yes

    2) Could you please mention how to prepare lime solution out of which I have to consume 1 – 2 spoons dally?

    Ans – If you stay in India take edible chuna (lime) available in pan shop or any other shop. mix around 50 – 100 gm with bucket of water. after it is well mixed keep the liquid undisturbed for some time say 1 – 2 hours. Some lime will be deposited at bottom. decant i.e. take the liquid from top without disturbing the bottom part. keep the liquid in clean closed bottle and use regularly. If you stay outside India and if edible lime not available get it from India.

    Thank you!
    Manjari dd

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