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   Jul 15

Reader Testimony – Ghruta (Ghee) Miracles!

All glories to Mother Cow.

Before writing this article, I would like to get Mother Cow’s Blessing.  I would like to write few of my realization related to Mother Cow.

I offer my humble obeisance’s to Mother Cow for giving me her causeless mercy, because of which I could share few of my realizations.

Ghruta (Ghee) Miracles:-

I would like to start with my personal realization.

  • 1.      Problem of Headache and nose bleeding

Problem: – I had severe headache persisting from my childhood. (This is when I was not connected to Go Mata) (Mother Cow).  Moreover during summer season I had severe nose bleeding. My headaches were very severe.  If I used to ignore the medicines for a day headache used to persist once a week with vomiting.  Lot of Pitta used to come out.   For this I have consulted many doctors whose consultations were not effective.  None of the medical doctors could really help.  I was greatly disappointed.

Solution: – When I came across H G Madangopal Pr.’s class about Go Mata, I thought of using Ghee and actually started using Ghee as per the instruction.  I had to put few drops of Ghee in my nose before sleeping.  Ghee had to be little above the body temperature and within few days my headache vanished like a miracle. Since Ghee was very effective I continued to put in my nose and as the days passed, summer season arrived. I did not have nose bleeding even once.  Problem that was persisting from my childhood suddenly disappeared like a miracle. I realized why cow has been given the name “Mother”.  I was really very grateful and started using other cow products.

  • 2.      Problem of Vomiting to my sister

Problem: – My sister was 8th month pregnant and she had vomiting problem. Doctor informed us that it would be dangerous incase her vomiting problem persist. Doctor was not able to give any proper solution to this problem.

Solution: – I gave her the special cow ghee preparations as prasadam and within 3 days her vomiting problem disappeared. Since she was consuming the prasadam made from special cow ghee. Cure for vomiting was not through any medicines. It was like a miracle, even doctors were surprised.

  • 3.      Problem of skin burn

Problem: – Eldest daughter of my sister had received severe electricity shock through a wire hanging from electric pole. Because of this dangerous accident, skins of her four fingers were severely burnt and damaged. We visited hospital in order to get the skin treatment for her fingers.  Doctor suggested plastic surgery. We got her operated and had plastic surgery done on her fingers.  However one of the fingers were still not healed and we had to get that finger’s dressing done everyday which cost Rs. 150 per day

Solution: – I suggested my sister to apply Ghee which I had given her in the past.  I told her to apply it on her finger and massage it softly on her hand.   We could see on 4th day itself a thin layer of skin started to peel off automatically.  We could not get the thin layer of skin peeled off through the 15day treatment by modern doctors.  Miracle which could not be done by doctors after plastic surgery happened with simple but pure cow Ghee.


If you want to verify above details you can call or write to me at following in India.

Shailesh Swamy (B. Tech, Chemical Engineering): +91 9373881896,



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  1. vandanam says:

    gomata is really glorious…

  2. Vinay Suryawanshi says:

    These are the blessings of mother cow. I offer my humble obeisances to mother cow.

  3. Nishant says:

    All Glories to Mother Cow

  4. Babalu says:

    Jai ho mother Cow

  5. CHETAN WARADE says:

    Yes Cow mata really help us in every situation to cure problem. We have to spread glories of Cow every where to please Go Mata.

    Jai Go mata.

  6. Vinay Suryawanshi says:

    Dear all, for your information I am sharing the glory of the Gruta (Ghee).

    My father had an paralysis attack at his office. He was not being able to speak. So his colleagues brought him home. My mother had shown presence of mind and put out ghee bottle and heated it. And she put 2-2 drops of ghee in my fathers nose and told fathers colleagues to bring him to Doctor. But the miracle happened before reaching to hospital my father was able to speak clearly and without much treatment he brought to home in One hour. Doctor was also shocked of this miracle how a person can recover within few minutes from paralysis attack without treatment.

    Lateral he gave some injection to him as precaution and given discharge to him.

    All glories to Mother Cow……

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