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   Mar 10

[Q&A] Bottled Water vs. Ground Water



Hare Krishna Prabhuji, Your articles on cows are very inspiring. In one of your article you had advised us to avoid the usage of bottled water or reverse osmosis water. However, one of the acquaintance, I came across did not agree to this point. He argued that nowadays water is very much contaminated and contains huge quantities of calcium, magnesium and many other salts. He proved it by showing a meter which indicates the level of contamination of the water. Meter shows that purified water has 30ppm salts whereas ground water has 900ppm salts. He further added that safe drinking water should have salts content of around 150ppm. He mentioned that if ppm level is more, it causes jaundice and other waterborne diseases. Is it true? Also please explain how does adding cow dung ash make the water pure? Awaiting for your reply.


How can you believe a person who says 150ppm of salt content is safe for drinking? Would like to know who is this man? Is he a scientist? If so then check with him few facts like who is he employed with? Is he employed with the corporate directly or indirectly (Via government)? In such cases scientists speak, what is good for corporate business and not what is beneficial to general public like us, although he might be very successful scientist and might make a show that he cares for our well being. It is well understood common sense that such paid scientist will speak something that is beneficial to the corporate since they are paying him a fat salary. All over the world for million years or more people have been drinking ground water without getting infected with jaundice or any other water borne diseases. So, first thing that you need to do is analyse the source of your information. Since nowadays scientist researches and submit papers that are beneficial to the corporate and not for the welfare of the general public.

Natural water has many essential minerals that are extremely beneficial to our general wellbeing, which is removed when water is processed via reverse osmosis. After few more years same corporate will do business of selling these deficit minerals, which has to be added to the bottled water. And fools like us will buy them. These paid scientists will not inform us that drinking mineral depleted water causes mineral deficiency in long run and later we have to substitute them by taking medicines which are sold by the same company. They don’t inform us that drinking such mineral depleted water ( Reverse osmosis ) causes many other chronic and serious health hazards like osteoporosis, cancer etc.

Parameter of safe drinking water keeps on changing according to the convenience of the corporate and their business profits. Such parameters are changed by the so called paid scientist. According to them, as of now it is 150ppm of salt later it will be something else and they will easily play with the words and submit papers stating that after further research it has been found bla..bla..bla… So they can change their standards of ppm very easily for their personal and business profit by just terming it as “after further research…..” And fools like us will accept it blindly. I am hundred percent sure that they will change the parameter of 150ppm of salts in few years, which will be again as per their convenience and for business benefits.

However for discussion purpose: Even if we accept that water with more than 150ppm can lead to jaundice, it is proven fact that food with chillies and other non edibles, leads to jaundice and not high ppm in water. I personally believe Kapha, vatta and pitta logic from time tested Ayurveda and not modern corporate paid so called scientist and doctors. Thus instead of finding the reason for weak liver we simply blame water for jaundice. The reality is toxic pesticides, prohibited food (like chillies, tomatoes etc,) processed and packed food are the real cause of weak liver. So if liver is weak then high ppm salt content will cause jaundice. However these so called paid scientist will not inform us that our lever gets weaker and weaker because of these packed and processed food items since they are paid by corporate (directly or indirectly via government). These scientists will first promote this processed food and later blame the natural water for weakening of liver and for jaundice.

I would not like to be a fool, by buying or accepting what these paid scientist researches and later try to cheat us. I would better stop eating unnatural food, Consume more of natural and healthy food which will keep my liver strong and also drink natural water.

Conclusion: It might be true that after our liver is weak (because of the life style propagated by these paid scientists) we might get jaundice by such water. Although, I don’t agree with this statement as well. This is just for the discussion purpose.

Yes there are ways to decrease extra ppm (salts) in water which we call hard water in common language. Take an earthen pot. Make a small really small hole at bottom. Fill it half with cow dung ash. Then fill remaining with water and let water fall very slowly from bottom hole of pot. This will decrease the ppm. Also by boiling some salts get settled on side of vessels and thus decrease the ppm.

This is in short.


Your Servant,

Madan Gopal Das

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