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   Jun 27

Cow Urine Q&A – Part 2

Q. Are there other forms of cow urine in which it can be used?

  • Yes, there are 3 other forms. They are as follows:

1. Gaumutrasav (fermented preparation)

Ingredients:  Cow urine 10 kg, old organic jaggery 2 kg.

Process:  Only earthen pot or glass pot must be used. First boil cow urine so that ammonia gas is removed. By this the odour of cow urine will go away. Filter it, add jaggery and dissolve it. Then boil again. Filter it again. Keep this mixture for 15 days without disturbing. Then decant the liquid (Asava) part cautiously from top, without shaking, so that the thick part (urea) remains settled at bottom and decanted liquid part is transparent. 25 ml should be taken twice a day after meals. All the qualities are similar to that of cow urine. This processing is done to stabilise the qualities of cow urine. Gaumutrasav should be fully used as cow urine itself. Quantity is little  less than cow urine dose. It is long lasting. The older it is, the more effective it becomes. Therefore cow urine in form of asava is fully effective.

2. Gaumutra Arka (distilled cow urine)

The vapour of cow urine is to be collected by tube device like in distillation process. An earthen or iron pot with cover having tube for vapour outlet is filled with cow urine and put over fire for heating. The vapour, which comes out from this device through the tube, is collected in a pot. The pot is put over cold water, to cool the vapour and get it condensed. The water under the pot should be changed regularly to cool the pot and the water inside. The tube of device has to be transparent, so that vapour is visible. If smoke starts coming out, reduce flame or fire. The qualities of ark (distilled urine) are not the same as whole cow urine or asav, as many components remain in the residue and some of them are lost as vapour. Yet it is more popular as it does not smell. Benefit will be achieved on taking for longer period. It can be easily given to children and women. If honey is added with it, it becomes more effective. Dose 12 millilitre after food with honey. Mostly this is used to reduce the cholesterol in the blood and to decrease the excess weight (Obesity). It can be easily given to children in cough and other diseases. It is more suitable for woman with tender physique. In homes it can be prepared even by using a pressure cooker. Removing whistle part of cooker and attach a tube there. It can be prepared using a kettle nozzle for outlet of vapour. Then the vapour should be taken through tube to the collection pot. Even small quantity of cow urine can be used in home.

3. Gaumutra ghanvati (Tablet)

Use a deep iron pan. Go on boiling cow urine till it becomes concentrated and salts remain. This has to be done just as sugarcane juice is concentrated and jaggery is formed. When the cow urine is concentrated remove it from fire and let it cool. From one kilo cow urine, 50 gram concentrate is available. Scratch it from pan and make round tablets of the size of gram. To make tablets non-sticky; burn some dried good quality cow dung cakes to ashes and filter the ash using a thin cloth or sieve and keep the tablets in the ash. To make colour of tablets attractive add one percent geru (Red ochre, Red clay) powder to cow dung ash. The colour becomes attractive. The tablets should be kept in the powder. The cow dung powder acts as absorbent. The tablets could now be put in plastic bags and packed in containers. When tablets get over after use, the ash powder could be thrown out. In Sun the tablets might melt. So we should be careful and keep them away from sunlight. If the tablets stick to each other due to moisture, it should not be considered as spoiled. Another method to keep them dry is as follows. Take cow urine concentrate mix with 25% powder of Harde (English name: Chebulic myrobalan, Latin name: Teminalia chebula Retz) and make tablets.

Note 1:- In medical science scripture mutrashtaka cow urine use is mentioned. Amongst all urines cow urine is best. Wherever urine is mentioned, it should be taken as cow urine. It has already been described, quoting references that cow urine is the best medicine, with no defects, simple, fruitful, in mode of goodness and harmless. Precautions should be taken to follow the diet for each disease very strictly. The table for diet to be followed is given a little latter.

Note 2:- If, on taking any cow urine preparation one has loose motions 3-4 times per day, consider it as cleansing of intestines. If it continues for more then two or three days halve the intake amount for a few days. Later on take full amount again.

Q. Is there any difference in using the different preparations viz. tablet, distilled, and fermented forms of cow urine?  Can one replace one for the other? Please clarify.

  • Maximum benefit is in using cow urine in its natural form. The preparations are made for convenience. But one may consider that there is not much difference. Use for longer period gives full benefit. These preparations are for ease in usage and storage of cow urine. This is to make use of cow urine more easy and practical. One can take one form of cow urine instead of other. There is not much difference in benefits. We can take asav instead of tablet or distilled instead of asava. Only in case of diabetes one should not use gaumutrasav (fermented cow urine) because jaggery is added in asava which is harmful for this particular disease.

Q. What is the difference in quantities of these three preparations if one is taken in place of the other?

  • Following is the ratio for three preparations:
  1. Cow urine ten millilitres is equivalent to one tablet (600 mg)
  2. Cow urine 10 millilitre is equivalent to 10 millilitre of fermented cow urine (asav).
  3. Cow urine 10 millilitre is equivalent to 5 millilitre of distilled cow urine (ark). Take this ark with honey or water.

Q. Is there any difference in diet in the use of these three preparations?

  • Precautions and diet depend on habits and the disease of the patient. There is no difference in diet to be followed in use of any of the three preparations. Diet depends on disease. It is very important to know according to Ayurveda, diet for every type of disease. To follow diet is itself important part of treatment. By taking cow urine there are no side effects. Even if there are side effects due to use of other medicines earlier, they are removed by cow urine.


  • For children above 15 years full dose of gaumutra ghanavati (tablet of cow urine) or other form may be given according to disease along with associated diet regulation.
  • Children below 15 years and pregnant women should be given half the dose irrespective of season.

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  1. TUSHAR VORA says:

    Thanks for such a nice, enlightening article!

  2. Sachin Desai says:

    Can we use distilled cow urine to make Gaumutrasav ? after distillation of cow (Gir) urine in cooker we get some brown powder at the base what is it? is there any use of this?

    Ans – We have to use natural cow urine to make asav and not distilled ark.
    What brown powder remains at bottom is salts of cow urine and can be made in tablets to make ghanvati.

  3. RAJU says:

    Hare Krishna prabhuji, I am selling cow products of in ISKCON Jagannath mandir, Bangalore. Few people are having a opinion that arka is not suitable for everybody i.e. people who are thin etc. Is it true prabhuji, or arka can be taken by anybody continuously prabhuji?

    Ans – Vedic or ayurvedic information is highly personalized for all. It is individual and so one has to work out what is most suitable for himself. About ark Pitta prakruti people have to take some care. One they should decrease the qun in hot seasons. Or they should take it alternate days. They can try out after meals rather than in empty stomach in morning. generally speaking ghanvati (tablets) should be tried before ark. Both are same still ghanvati can be given little preference. How much one should or should not decrease the qun or frequency have to be worked out for oneself.

  4. Mahesh Damkondwar says:

    Hello Sir,
    I want to know how the distillation assembly exactly assembled. what are its advantages and disadvantages is there is any other distillation process that can be used for distillation of cow urine rather than using pressure cooker etc.

    Ans –
    Thanks for the comment and question.
    Any standard distillation set up will do. Cooker pressure is for those who don’t have the laboratory style set up. Only thing to take care is gas (flame) should not be too slow or high. Its better you visit some facility where this is being done to get first hand experience.

  5. amit says:

    dear sir,
    i recently started making ark from cow’s urine, but the color of the ark has become blue in color. i’ve used copper utensils to make the ark. plz suggest

    Ans – we should not use copper utensils for ark. iron is ok or best is earthen pots. Be carefull. heat should not be too much so as to burn the cow urine.

  6. I think this is the best research in this century. As a vet doctor I can say this research may be the best blessing towards the socioeconomic development of our countrymen. I am ready to join this research program.

    Dr Swapan Kumar Sur

  7. Cow urine filtration process training should explore in the country. I may join this programe. by this programe we may protect unnecessory cow sloughter. On the other hand villagers may get encourage cattle farming which are reducing day by day.

    Dr swapan Kumar sur.
    Gourhati, Rath Tala, Bhadreswar, Hooghly. West bengal. E-Mail–

    ANs –
    Thanks for your enthusiasm and sincerity. I don’t have any know one who is active in this field in Kolkatta area but I am sure there are certainly few. Please try to find them and work together in that part of India. We may start slow but consistent efforts will have a effect.

  8. Ashok kale says:

    Are there any references in Ayurved textbooks for distillation of cow urine and gomutra ark ?
    If heat destroys everything , how the contents of cow urine will not be destroyed by boiling it ? Lactic acid bacilli , beneficial bacteria are heat sensitive.
    Whether Guti , Arka, tablets of Gomutra have Ayurvedic sanctions?

    Ans – Ayurvedic texts have sanctions of distillation as a process in general. If heat would have been destroying everything then there would had been no sanction of distillation in Ayurveda. Heat destroys or rather damages but at the same time makes the qualities of the item stable. Cooking is ayruvedic sanctioned process. Boiling water is ayurvedic sanctioned. So please be careful to state that heat destroys everything. Yes in some places it do but not a general statement.

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