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   Dec 15

[Q&A] Vedic Lifestyle and Time Constraint




Question: Incase if we follow all instructions as per Vedic scriptures (for e.g. about Ghruta, our eating habits, sleeping habits etc) we will not be able to preach because of time constraint. Srila Prabhupada had said that ours is a preaching movement. Prabhupada could have comfortably stayed in vrindavan living his life according to scriptures, but he sacrificed his life just to preach. I would like to know your suggestions in general for devotees as of now?

Answer: Where there is will there is a way. I don’t see any difficulty in living according to Vedic style and preaching. I am following it and preaching as well. And there are at least few other devotees in Mumbai who have busy schedule are following it and are engaged in preaching as well.

In blog I don’t find even a single statement that states that we need to compromise on preaching. But those who are intelligent will find out way to preach while following these principles in our life. It is your assumption that it will be difficult to preach if we follow these principles. My experience is contradictory to your assumption. In fact we get more time. We eat simple Prasad so it’s less time consuming to cook.  Moreover this simple food makes your body fresh, and decreases your laziness and in turn saves your time since you will sleep comparatively less. You have more vitality. So more preaching. I have observed so many of my other brahmachary friends in temple loosing 10 – 30 days or even more per year in sickness. They loose preaching days and Krishna’s money. In past 10 years, I have lost maximum of 6 days per year in sickness. That too because of cold, cough and viral fever. And to cure that I did not spend any money. I have cured myself with all home remedies.  In short no doctors, no prescription and no tablets.  Lots of laxmi saved which could be used in spreading Krishna consciousness and lots of time for preaching.

This is more like sharpening the sword. One thing is to use the sword and another to sharpen it. Both are equally important. However, If we only use and not sharpen then it will not last long.

Srila Prabhupada did not sacrifice his Vedic lifestyle in order to preach In fact he was stern follower of scriptures and Vedic lifestyle.

In fact after heart attack he realized that to preach for long time he
requires morning walk and massage. So every day around 1.5 hours he would take morning walks and everyday for 2 hour he would take massage, bath etc.

Even while his preaching which was in the initial stage, 2.5 hours daily time was spent without fail for his health and that could be the reason for his long and healthy life. He lived till 1977.

we are following all this to preach for long. Also it has been observed when body is weak, mind also becomes weak.

Srila Bhaktivinod thakur had suggested that sadhaka should take care of ones health, sadhana, and prachara in this order of preference.

By not following Vedic life style i.e. according to scriptures I am sorry to say but 100’s and 1000’s of people/devotees ending their life in very horrible conditions where it is difficult to remember Krishna. There preaching efforts are jolted, stopped, or paralyzed. If they could have given some time or lived intelligently they could have preached for longer time and many more years.

Also there is one strong observation that some find it very difficult to get free from effects of passion and ignorance. As informed before it is connected to our eating habits.  Eat simple live simple. What we eat and how we eat, that mode will affect us. Where we will have purity and strength to preach if we ourselves are affected by passion and ignorance.

So all is connected. We can’t separate them. Yes those who are not
understanding the serious nature of effects of not following the additional information given will think it as obstruction to preach but those who are aware of serious implication with effect to health ,passion and ignorant influences on us will avoid these ill practices and follow Vedic lifestyle.

Srila Prabhupada’s morning walk and massage are obstruction to preach if we don’t know their importance for Srila Prabhupada’s health. They are tool and asset to preach if we know and understand their importance and effects on our body and mind.

So this helps us in preaching more effectively, if one can understand.

I hope this answer clears all your related doubts on Vedic lifestyle.   What is important is time management and not compromise on Vedic life style.


Madan Gopal Das


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  1. labangalatika dasi says:

    Haribol very well said and completely true

  2. Rasasekhara Dasa says:

    Thank you very much Prabhuji. Very rightly stated. Very inspiring.Thanks again.
    Rasasekhara dasa, Delaware, USA

  3. Vaibhav Sharma says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhuji

    Surely the conviction with which this article is written not only increases our faith but convinces us that even in today’s scenario we also can contribute our part in following the pure principles of Vedic Life and be more Krishna Conscious.
    Thank You very much.

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