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   Nov 20

More uses of Cow Urine.

Hare Krsna!

Following are few more tips on how cow urine is beneficial to humans. Please note: we need to use the urine of Vedic cows only and kindly visit: for more details.

Eye drops: Put few drops of cow’s urine in your eyes with the help of a dropper. For starters it’s important to note that it can be apparently painful for eyes for few seconds. But with regular usage  pain will gradually vanish. Don’t panic as it will burn the eyes initially. Final outcome would be amazing.

Preparation: Boil the cow’s urine to 60% of its original volume and store in clean dry dropper bottles.

Usage method: Put one to two drops in each eye every day or when ever needed. For those who work intensely for long hours on computers this medication is a blessing. It will keep eyes healthy and strong. If there is epidemic of conjunctivitis around, we can use them for preventive measures. However, if you have already developed conjunctivitis you can put them thrice a day and in one day you will see the results.

Also if there is any other infection in eyes we can use these drops.

Skin diseases: Can apply / massage cow urine (fresh or old) on skin.

Knee, joint pains: If you have knee joint pains then mix cow urine with cow dung and make a paste. Apply on the knees for ½ an hour. Its better to make a nice preparation from cow dung called ubtan. Subsequently the method of preparing ubtan will be revealed.

TB Patients: TB patients should always soak their surroundings with cow urine and Cow dung. TB parasites are killed just by inhaling cow urine and dung. TB patient should put cow urine and dung all around in the room.

Cow urine as Anti-biotic: Cow urine can be used as an anti-biotic by pouring few drops in our bathing water. It is a wonderful anti biotic to purify water.

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  1. Sachin Patil says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhuji,
    May I know the procedure how to massage cow urine on skin because one white faint spot observed on my face.I have also taken detail page of cow urine uses on various problems.

    Ans – Massage it mildly on skin on affected part. We can mix neem leave paste as well with it.

  2. premaraj caitanya das says:

    Hare krishna pr
    how can i preserve the cow urine in the bottle. I want to the the method and the chemical to add into it. Purpose is the sprinkle to purified house or yagna and so on.

    thank you .

    Ans – Please understand. Ganga devi resides in cow urine. As Ganga water when stored in clean vessel never deteriorates similarly Cow urine of vedic cow never deteriorates. Shelf life of cow urine of vedic cow kept in clean pot is life long. Only thing is it become more strong and pungent on keeping. So we can say it may not be suitable for internal use. But for external use older the cow urine better. Just take cow urine and keep it in clean glass vessel tightly packed. No need for any other method or chemical. Cow urine has all the required useful chemicals. Cow urine such kept is best suitable for yagna, sprinkle etc. but avoid such old cow urine for internal use.

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