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   Dec 22

[Q&A] Ghee from Milk Cream


Question: Would like to know the reason of not using most of the cream of the milk , turning the cream into thick yogurt, then churning that yogurt into butter and heating it till it turns into ghee? Because one can sell or use the milk which still has enough cream on it to make it palatable. Otherwise one has so much buttermilk leftover. It would be better to have regular milk leftover because so many of the preparations we make are made from regular milk, and not buttermilk.


Answer: Once we are in Vedic system it is better to follow parampara rather than trying to figure out causes and effects. Trying to understand everything is not possible, practical and feasible. Why not to follow recommended path rather than saying what’s wrong in doing half wrong or  3/4th right or 1/4th right etc. Vedic knowledge is already researched one. An intelligent one should understand that and follow it.


However for your satisfaction, we will discuss. (more…)

   Dec 15

[Q&A] Vedic Lifestyle and Time Constraint




Question: Incase if we follow all instructions as per Vedic scriptures (for e.g. about Ghruta, our eating habits, sleeping habits etc) we will not be able to preach because of time constraint. Srila Prabhupada had said that ours is a preaching movement. Prabhupada could have comfortably stayed in vrindavan living his life according to scriptures, but he sacrificed his life just to preach. I would like to know your suggestions in general for devotees as of now?

Answer: Where there is will there is a way. I don’t see any difficulty in living according to Vedic style and preaching. I am following it and preaching as well. And there are at least few other devotees in Mumbai who have busy schedule are following it and are engaged in preaching as well. (more…)

   Mar 30

Practices useful to increase Cow’s milk


Practices useful to increase Cow’s milk.

  • To feed fresh, green grass daily.
  • To milk the cow and feed the milk to her.


   Mar 30

[email response]: Mother’s headache

Hare Krishna,

My friend’s mother used to have severe headache everyday.  She would always be complaining of headache. No medicine would help her nor any doctors were able to do anything. (more…)

   Mar 12


This post is in continuation of following post.

Even if we make ghruta (ghee) according to the proper system, following points should be kept in mind. Ghruta made in various seasons have various properties. Ghruta has two uses, one is internal and the other is external. Ghruta which is made in any season is good for the external uses. Older the ghruta is the better it is for external use. In fact, there used to be ghruta which was 100 years old. That was supposed to be very medicinal. For internal use ghruta made especially in rainy season and even in summer season to some extent should be consumed within 1 to 2 months from manufacturing, but ghruta made in winter season can be used for edible purposes for 1 year or even little more. Best ghruta is made in severe winter i.e. Dec, January in northern hemisphere.