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   Jan 04

Various Cow Products II – Gautakrasav (fermented buttermilk)

GAUTAKRASAV (fermented buttermilk)


  • Cow curd:1 litre
  • Powdered Rock salt:   50 Gms
  • Mustard powder:   50 Gms.
  • Turmeric powder: 50 Gms.


Churn the curd till it becomes homogenous. Add equal quantity of water to the curd and mix it well. Later mix the other three ingredients with it. Pour this mixture in a china clay earthen pot or glass pot. Cover the lid tightly and store it.

On fourth day filter it and fill in bottles. Decant the liquid to avoid the solids of mustard and turmeric powder. Later, if the powder of turmeric and mustard settles in the bottles then the top liquid should be decanted.


It is beneficial especially for piles patients in all stages. It cures all diseases of stomach, loss of appetite, indigestion, gas. It is digestive. It is beneficial for liver and spleen. Flatulence, nervousness, constipation, and all other stomach diseases are cured. It is tasty, digestive drink. 


Four small spoonfuls mixed with water, two times a day, after a meal is beneficial. Same amount if consumes regularly it is beneficial for our overall health. It is tasty, longevity giving drink. It destroys all unnecessary gases from our stomach.

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  1. Meenal Desai says:

    if the powder of turmeric and mustard settles in the bottles can it be re-used for another batch?

    Ans – No.

  2. Meenal Desai says:

    How long we can store GAUTAKRASAV ? Does it require refrigeration for storage?

    Ans – If prepared with extreme care of cleanliness we can keep it till 6 months. I recommend to be extra safe to keep and use till only a month or two. Basically when it will get spoiled you will get a bad odour and then it should be discarded. No refrigeration required till this time.

  3. Meenal Desai says:

    Can we store it in food quality plastic bottels as we want to provide it our volunteers staying at distant places.

    Ans – Technically yes. But as we are on green line we should try avoid plastic in our usage as much as possible. Here you can use glass bottles with good packing. Glass bottles are cheaper than plastic. Plastic is well know to release carcinogens. Better to stay away from plastic in all walks of life as much as possible.

  4. Meenal Desai says:

    Can you give some scientific base on Gautakrasav on how it is useful for piles patients? What makes it cure all diseases of stomach, loss of appetite. How it is beneficial for liver and spleen and constipation. Please give some details.

    Ans – I have to still write about Basic and simple understanding of Vata, pitta and Kapha for common lay man. Then it will be all clear. Still Gautakrasava helps in pitta dosha and all the diseases above mentioned are related to pitta. Liver and spleen are also organs whose majority diseases are pitta based.

  5. Sachin Desai says:

    NAMASTE! WE ARE MAKING GUATAKRASAV FROM GIR COWS MILK AND FINEST quality TURMERIC , rock salt and mustard powder. we are looking for person in mumbai and pune who can promote it locally. dr.damle at kudal is presently promoting it in kudal and sawantwadi.Gautakrasav is sold at rs. 200-250 per liter.if any one through your sources is interested in promotion we can supply it from kudal (500 ml and 1 liter) bottels. Our capacity is to make 1,000 liters per month

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