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   Jul 01

My Menu.

Hare Krsna!

Following are the preferences in my eating habits. These are not doctor’s restrictions but are self imposed ones to avoid a visit to a doctor. In spite of these restrictions one can become sick because of past reactions. But at least I will not become sick because of present eating habits.

Items that I don’t want to have in Prasad:

  1. All fried items, All sugar sweets.
  2. All fermentated (ambavalele) items like dosa, idli, uttappa, dhokla etc.
  3. Pickles, coconut powder (factory made),
  4. Paneer, fruit salad, apples,
  5. Tomato, Chilli (mirchi), Hinga, Amchur (dried unripe mango), Tamarind (imli).
  6. Capsicum (simla mirchi), flower, cabbage (gobi), brinjal (vanga), Lady finger (bhendi).
  7. Beans (faras be), carrot (gajar), Potato.
  8. Tur dal, rajama,
  9. Milk should not be mixed with jagerrary (gul).
  10. Fruit salads, milk shakes, ice creams. Any fridge item.

Items that are preferred:

  1. All leafy vegetables, pumpkin (lal bhopla), Bottle gourd (dudhi), White gourd (Kohala)
  2. Bitter gourd (karla), raddish (mula), drum stick (shewaga).
  3. Tondli, dodaki, ghosali, val pappadi, vali, chawali, padwal, patola, navalkola
  4. Surana, raw papaya, raw banana, raw jackfruit, banna flower, arabi, gavar
  5. All vegetables that are not mentioned in not preferred list.
  6. All pulses like matki, chawali, val, mung,
  7. Bhakari (all types), Thalipitha, dhirada.
  8. Curd (dahi), butter milk (chas) in summer.
  9. All raita (koshimbhir)
  10. Mung dal, channa
  11. Kokum (for sour(ambata))
  12. All spices like mohari, jeera, lavanga, kali miri, kadhi patta, ginger are recommended.
  13. Use of black salt over white sea salt. Raw white salt (khade mita) is OK. Over all less salt.
  14. Til(sesame) oil is most preferred.

I would like to eat with above preferences if you want to give me what I want.

Your servant

Madan Gopal das

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  1. struggler says:

    I will fully to see to it that i will follow what you say for your preferences to eat, if ever you choose to come to my house to purify me and my family members.

  2. First you have to tell which part of world you stay. If it is easily approachable for me to come to your place i will certainly come. If I don’t you I will choose to cook from ingredients provided by you and feed all of you and your family first and then only eat myself. Please give your address and tel number. This is public place and any further discussion on this topic on my email id directly.

  3. devender yadav says:

    hare krishna

    pr. can u tell some thing how to convince people that cow is more important than baffalo
    they say that cow is less productive……
    in begining they dont want to take any risk

    Ans – I will write shortly in milk headings. There are many angles to your question.
    1. How to increase milk of cows
    2. comparision between cow’s and buffalow’s milk.
    3. Importance of cow not only wrt to milk but all other products.

    you have to take into consideration all above points. I will write step by step.

  4. Kottawar P.S. says:

    Respected sir from childhood I hear that an apple a day keeps doctor away so why you don’t want to have apple in prasad?

    Ans – Thank you for important question which I was waiting for someone to ask. You and I had been hearing from childhood about an apple an day……. Here I am talking what had been heard for centuries from sages of India. We have been hearing about apple a day only after British influence in India. I am not particularly against apple and neither british people. I know one thing that it doesn’t grow in area where I live. What ever is required has been provided by Krsna locally especially perishables. I don’t prefer apples as they don’t grow around me. If I might be staying in kashmir, himachal pradesh or cold european countries then I might eat apples.
    This saying has also spread a wrong message amongst Indians that apples are only good fruits in world and all other fruits are not so good. In fact all fruits like banana, gvava, chikku, papaya etc are good in their own way. Because of this wrong understanding of this saying I see in India people foolishly buying apples at skyrocketed prices when other local fruits are available very cheap.
    On the other side I see people in Europe buy banana imported from jamica etc etc. Both things are equally wrong. Only if people learn to appreciate local fruit and vegetables then we can save so much carbon emissions and be healthy by eating items that are locally available.
    One principle of ayurveda is one should be aware of his surroundings and atmosphere and live accordingly. So I being aware of surroundings eat what is locally available. As i mostly stay in Maharashtra, India I have avoided apples.

  5. Vinit Dawane says:

    Hare KRSNA,
    Prabhuji sastang dandavat,
    prabhuji in this blog you have advised to avoid IDLI and DOSAS (ambavlele padarth) but i have a duality about this,i heard from many south indians that these foods are easy to digest and in some books I found that these foods must be avoided.I want to know more about this issue.

    Ans – You can see in all traditional south Indian temples these foods are not offered. Even if in some temples idli and dosa might be offered then they are not from fermented dough but fresh made dough. In Kali yuga different types of wrong practices have crept in all over world and India so we have to some how justify them and what you say easy to digest is one such case.

    You can know more when I start writting in ayurvedic section with kapha, vata pitta logic for common man.

  6. Hanumant says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

    Is this food item list (recommended & non recommended ) is only for india or for the whole world? As i stay in africa But i can get all the recommeded vegitables also in market.???

    Waiting for your response.

    Ans – thank you. It is my understanding and not scriptural rule for all devotees. As far as I can understand these are applicable at all places.

  7. Anand Mohan das says:


    1. are all fried items not allowed even if we fry in filtered oil?

    2. also are sugar sweets which are made with non-refined sugar ok?

    3. isn’t Paneer made with Vedic Cow Milk OK?

    Answer. I am answering point wise in serial order.
    1. Fried items in filter (better ghani) oil are ok as per season and timings. But I can’t explain all these to people in general on general message. There is no harm in not eating fried items.

    2. Non refined sugar and even mishry(hindi), or khadi sakhar (marathi) are ok. But very difficult to get in present days. What we get in market is not the one intended. We we can have non refined sugar.

    3. This is my personal understanding. Paneer of all types are not suggested.

  8. Jugal says:

    Prabhuji is it ok to keep milk and ghee in fridge? Ghee doesnt get spoiled but how many days does it take for milk to spoil? Plz clear my doubts.

    Ans – As I have yet to begin writing about basic ayurvedic tips. It will be clear then why fridge should be abandoned by all. At present I would say try to avoid using fridge. This statement will not be clear as it is not explained here. We have to wait for it.

    Ghee can remain edible for around 2 months after preparation. Milk in previous time when intelligent people did not use fridge was boiled twice a day to prevent it from spoiling. You can ask some grandmother. Milk shelf life is few hours and a day or 36 hours if boiled every 12 hours. any amount of old ghee can be used for external purposes. But for edible purposes 2 months maximum 3 months is recommended.

  9. Gayatri Vinayak Gaitonde says:

    Prabhu, Dandvats.
    Should we not eat Paneer at all?
    Any specific reason for not eating Hing.
    These all things are used in RadhaGopinath’s Devotee and Deity kitchen.
    I will like to follow this diet in interest of my health and my Sadhana.

    Ans – Except for all those who are very, very, very, very hard working daily Paneer is very difficult to digest. I think all who are reading this fall into category of very, very, very, very hard working daily. Also hard working people can have paneer occasionally. Yes we can have ghee and lassi daily. Lassi not in some seasons. Hing also have some effect of tamoguna.

    Thank you.

  10. amrita vilasini says:

    hare krishna prabhuji,
    dandavat pranam.
    isn’t it true that black salt after heating on flame is becoming poison i mean not healthy thats what i heard from one devotee who is also following healthy diet and similar with Til oil?
    please kindly clarify.

    Ans – I do not know about black salt becoming poison after heating i.e. not healthy. So I can’t comment or answer.

    Certainly til oil is highly recommended in Ayurvedic scriptures for all uses and so there is no issue of it becoming poison. Til oil is next to cow ghruta (ghee). Yes as I am going to write in future all refined oils are not edible and we should be using only oil in natural state i.e. simply filtered oils. Refined till oil might become poison on heating but not natural i.e filtered. Yes over heating on fire any thing will become poison i.e. unhealthy. What to speak of til oil.

    Natural ocean salt is actually better if we roast it and use it. I am not saying ocean salt from industry. In India we get natural ocean salt in natural form as it comes by drying sea water.

  11. Sohan Hajare says:

    Dandawat prabhu, as I wrote earlier I am making ghee since past 2 months and we used to drink the buttermilk daily in the hot weather. Now that its the rainy season followed by winter, can we have buttermilk entire year and if yes how?

    ur servant


    Ans – Yes, although it is cold now but you can take butter milk in noon time. Also if you have farm or agriculture you can use sour buttermilk in farming as pesticide and fertilizer.

  12. ritu says:

    Hare krishna Prabhu ji.
    Can you please answer this query: why don’t you prefer tur dal,tomato,hing,imli amchur,capsicum and fruit salads. All these items are supposed to have salutary effects on our health esp hing and fruit salads.

    As regards cabbage, ladyfinger, potato, rajma, brinjal I heard somewhere that they increase inflammation in our body. is it because of this reason that you don’t prefer these vegetables..

    Another thing, if i may ask, i read somewhere that white sugar is passed through animal bone char so it is non vegetarian. is ‘boora’ good for health?

    Thank you so much..
    Hare Krishna.

    Ans –
    Tur dal is ok but mung dal is preferred. As I have more tur dal than required in my normal schedule so I have put it in avoid list.

    Hing is considered tamasic in classic Vedic cuisine.

    Amchur, imli are acid base and so bad for health. They do all sorts of harm to body like weak bones, impure blood, pressure on kidney, body with favorable atmosphere for pathogens etc etc.

    Tomato has all above of imli and amchur + toxicity, quick old age, tired body etc.

    Ayurveda says milk and fruits are both excellent food but together they are to be avoided at all costs. The explanation will require a separate article which i plan to write in near future.

    Yes they might have some salutary effects but a lot more un-salutary effects. Also the same salutary effects without unbeneficial effects can be had from other things.

    cabbage, ladyfinger, potato, rajma, brinjal = yes they are inflammatory but much more way harmful then that.

    You have to search white sugar not from charcoal. Bhura is also good.

    As I said if I have to explain all in detail then a article for each required which will come up in due course.

    madan Gopal Das

  13. Sundar hari das says:

    hare krishna prabhuji,
    just from cost point of view, seasame(til) oil is costlier2.5 times than other oil. is there any way out.?
    also seasame oil is not ok for ekadashi so we take food for ekadashi in peanuts oil. is this ok or some other oil …

    also what about peanuts, are they ok or they are also harmful?

    how can we make poha tasty without peanuts, cabbage, flower etc ? is there any other way for this ?

    Ans –
    Sesame ol is costly, Engiography, engioplasty, knee replacement operation, paralysis direct medical cost runs in lacs. Indirect cost are not considered here. Filter sesame oil is good prevention for all above and compared to mentioned medical costs much cheaper.

    Peanuts – They increase pitta i.e. heat, burning in body. Minimise their use.

    First decide you want taste or health. Once that is decided intelligence will dominate mind and mind will change its demands of taste. You can look out for altenatives for our requirements and once we start doing it we see there are many.

  14. Shivanand says:

    Hare Krishna,
    I have not seen the green chilly or red chilly powder in your list? It is our common spices otherwise how we can eat the subji,dal etc…

    Ans – Every thing depends on knowledge and practice. If we know the bad effects of chilly then we will avoid it. It increases pitta which burns our organs and body internally. If we want to have hot (pungent, tikha) taste then we can use lavanga (clove), ova, adarak (ginger), pipali etc.

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