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   Jul 10

Cow Dung tooth powder – Manufacturing & Benefits

Hare Krsna!

By using tooth powder as described below many people have got many benefits out of which I am mentioning few below. Many a times our teeth becomes loose and they move. In few days of using cow dung tooth powder the teeth becomes fixed again. Also if pus or other substance is oozing from tooth it can be stopped. But there is a way to make this powder and to use it as well. To clean the teeth there is no need of any powder or paste. What is required is proper brushing with a brush or twig of some tree as neem or khair etc as used in India. So first we should clean with brush or tree twig. Then with the cow dung tooth powder we should massage the gums nicely for few minutes so that the gums become strong. This is like watering the root. After that we can wash the mouth.

The process to manufacture this powder is as follows. – This cow dung can make wonders as it is filled with prana force (living force) which holy vedic cow puts in it. As discussed preciously when we are dealing with cow we should understand we are dealing with our mother and with science of prana.

Ingredients and preparation:

Take dried cow dung cakes. Pile them in such a way that after they start burning you will have to cover them up with deep fry pan. So make the pile according to vessel size to cover up the burning pile of dung cakes. Now burn cow dung cake pile kept on ground. When the cakes are really hot and burning well but not fully burnt i.e. in half-burnt state cover it up with a deep fry pan or any other vessel kept upside down. Put cloth round the edge of vessel so as to stop entry of air. Let the cakes burn and cool down. Open it after at least half an hour and take out black hard coal. Don’t take unburned brown part or fully burned white ash. Initially lacking practice more part of cakes will remain unburnt or get fully burnt. But with practice you will know at what point of time you should cover up the burning dung
cake pile. Unburnt cakes can be used again. Burnt cake’s ash could be used as ash for other purposes.

To make large quantity of such coal, dig the ground. Put bricks and plaster it with cement. Then burn the coal in the pit. When the coal is little burned a deep iron pot placed upside down should be put to cover it. You can cover the pit with an iron plate etc. This is for making coal in large quantity, for small quantity fry pan is good enough.

Coal so obtained may be powdered in a grinding pot. Very fine powder should be made by rubbing it over cloth and filtering. This powder should be filtered through fine cotton cloth. Now take 20 gm. ordinary edible camphor, extract of ajwain (English: Country barage, Latin: Coelus amboinicus) 20 gm and mix them. Keep this mixture in a bottle for one hour. After dissolving on its own it will become 40 ml oil. If some part remains undissolved, shake it for some time till it gets dissolved. Put this camphor oil over fine powdered coal of cow dung. Then dissolve fine powdered salt 160 gm in 160 gm hot water. This dissolved salt water weighs 320 gm.

Now all the three i.e. 1kg cow dung coal powder, oil of camphor 40 ml and salt solution 320 ml. totalling to 1 kg 360 gm. Mix them well in a pot and grind them nicely with pestle. Fill it in bottles in the moist state. Don’t let it dry up. Pack when they are moist.
In this small quantities of medicinal herbs can be added as well. For eg triphala churna, harda chruna, alum powder, clove oil etc. These additions are not compulsory and should be done in small quantities.


Very useful in case of tooth decay, sensitiveness for hot and cold water, swelling of gums, mouth pain, ulcers over tongue, sore throat, deterioration of taste, tonsillitis, hoarse throat, It is very beneficial for bad smell of mouth, pyorrhoea. It is essential to clean teeth in the morning and at bedtime. It protects us from teeth and mouth diseases.

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  1. Yamaha Lover says:

    I wish I could write like you as Margaret Laurence once said “When I say “work” I only mean writing. Everything else is just odd jobs.”

  2. Bhausab says:

    Indeed, it is (brushing the teeth with cow dung tooth powder) the best way to start and end our day. I have started realizing the benifits (prolonged use surely makes a difference).

    In our day-to-day life we have been using so many things full of chemicals/toxic substances (which are not good for health) like tooth paste, soap,face creams etc. Atleast we can cut down on few things which we know that they are not required or can be substituted with naturally available alternatives.

  3. quilting says:

    I like the first point you made there, but I am not sure I could reasonably apply that in a contsructive way.

  4. gaura govinda dasa says:

    my wife had puss at the gums,she applied cow dung ashes powder, the puss disappeared tghe very next day

  5. Rohan says:

    Thank u for so many nice articles…
    I tried using Cow-Dung tooth powder(DantManjan) which comes from Belgaum. But I get many ulcers in mouth when i use it continuously for 4-5 days. what could be the reason? is there any alternative? ..those ulcers are very painful….
    please reply..

    ys rohan

  6. thanks for the comment and question.

    As I said we have to adjust as per body make up. So in your case you should use rub the tooth powder little mildly in your mouth. If still the situation doesn’t change then use little less quantity of powder and keep it in mouth for less time.

    Madan gopal das

  7. Rohan says:

    But my teeth structure is very disorganized. i need to brush it a lot to clean them properly. it takes time to do so.
    what can b the solution?

    thanks. Disorganised teeth structure is a sure symptom of vata disorder. I was having similarly disorganised teeth, may not be as severe as yours. But slowly they are improving. For that you have to know something more than using tooth powder and I am going to write it in blog in few months. till that time you can listen to my lectures on following link and main points will be clear. Please wait till i can put it up in blog but by that time listen to lecture on this link.

    you can use brush and also cow dung tooth powder.

  8. Ram Mohan Gupta says:

    Thanks prabhu. So much effort devotees are putting to give us the best products.

  9. Sohan Hajare says:

    prabhu, i am using our tooth powder since 5 months and it is amazing. My teeth were slight yellow but now they have become clean white, which is really great. I have been using colgat and close up since ages but they only looked good in adds not in real. MG prabhu, thanks a lot for all these efforts u have put in.

    Ans – thanks for comment. I would like to make readers aware that the tooth powder should not be rubbed very hard on teeth. It should be rubbed gently and massaged on gums as well.

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