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   Jul 10

Cow Dung facts and statistics

Hare Krsna!

Dung available from one fully grown cow/ bull is around 5.4 tonnes per annum. so dry dung will be around 54. x 0.30 = 1620 kg per annum. This is equivalent to 712 kg of dry wood. This amount of wood comes from 6 large trees. So by keeping one old cow or bull alive we protect 6 large trees per annum from felling.

Around beginning of 20th century states where cow slaughter was banned only cow dung cakes were used for pryre to give agni samskar to dead bodies as per vedic custom. So that much forest was saved as that many tree were not cut. A tree has great value when it is alive. It decreases pollution, maintains rain cycle, turns CO2 into O2 etc etc. It also provieds shade, fruits, flowers. Also as forest were cut down to provide fuel we saw that many medicinal herbs easily available in forests were lost because of deforestation.

By killing of one old bull we deplete cow dung cakes required for funeral pyre of 10 people per year. So if a bull is allowed to live for 10 years beyond the age of slaughter then he can provide for 100 people funeral pyre thus protecting many full grown trees.

In Vedic culture there are 16 samskaras. These samskaras are ment to put a person in right state of consciousness or mind. In performing all the samskaras actually cow dung is required. So in abscence of dung the vedic culture cannot exist.

Also most of ayurvedic medicines are to be prepared on slowly burnning cow dung cakes. Without using the dung cakes the medicines don’t get proper medical properties. Actually on one side government is making a show of giving encouragement to ayurveda and on other side allowing cow slaughter there by creating shortage of cow dung cakes. This is nothing but duplicity.

Ayurveda cannot exist without cow dung and urine. If such medicines are made on fire coal or electricity then it is like running a petrol vehicle on kerosene. It can’t work and even if it works it won’t work properly. Similarly ayuvedic medicines have to be made on cow dung cakes only to have full effect.

For eg for hundreds of years mid wifes in Indian villages had been using cow dung fomentation to pregnant women, small babies and women who had just delivered babies. These mid wives used to give cow dung cake fomentation to babies and just delivered women with burnning dung which would take care of all there health. But with abscence of cow dung cakes the health of so many ladies is sacrificed. Because of loss and abscence of this lakhs and crores of ladies are inflicted with diseases associated with child birth and painful life there after till death.

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  1. Cow dung-Urine uses-
    AYURVED scholars found these products useful in tratment of many human diseases and diorders.This was a useful low-cost local resource that helped the local community maintain their health using indigenous knowledge.the d-omutbrasava for Leucoderma,
    d- omutbra arka for decreasing blood cholesterol,
    d omutbra gbanavati for blood pressure, stomach disorders etc. preparing tooth powder from cow-dung flakes.CANCER being cured with gomuthra-urine
    Animals products r widely used in Agriculture for varied reasons.Indigenous cow breeds r important owing to their contributiopn to various aspects of rural life.

  2. Production of Cow-dung/urine and composting manure analysis -by VOICE AWARENESS CENTER-AHMEDABAD-INDIA

  3. rahul says:

    dear sir, i really would like to know how much of all what is on the blog, actually followed by anyone, especially yourself. infact i visited many promoters of cow protection and saw that they have a good feeling and sentiment but nothing practical. i wish to follow someone. i have more or less read most of things you posted on your blog on various websites and instituitions. nothing new. but a good compilation. but please let me know where i can visit such a farm which lives through this, and such a community or system.

  4. Bhausab says:

    Yes, indeed ‘Go-Mutra’ has wonderful properties. It is like a master key which can be used to cure many diseases (most of the diseases prevalent in today’s world). It is known to enhance our immune system which can keep many ‘now-a-days’ common diseases at bay.

    Many of us might have heard that Go-Mutra has natural dis-infectant and antiseptic qualities (even scientists have accepted this fact). This is unique as urine from any other animal/species of life is considered to be impure. Many references regarding cow urine therapy in our Scriptures like Ayurveda are available.

    The consumption of cow urine ‘Go-Mutra’ as a medicine is one tradition that has been lost which is so simple and effective. I personally started using ‘Go-Mutra’ daily (twice) ever since I knew its importance. Likewise ‘Panch-Gavya’ (five products which ‘Go-Mata’ provides us) are vital to our well being. Hence there is an increased need to re-focus our attention on cow as a source of health, wealth and happiness.

    Madan Gopal Prabhu has done a lot of research on this subject (it is not a sentiment) and we are indebted to him for reviving this noble tradition with utmost dedication to bring relief to humanity through natural ‘Vedic’process.

  5. I am really not clear by your question of “what I follow”. I would say I follow all and may be not following it under circumstances beyond my control. For eg when I go to some one’s home for first time where they don’t know all my rules then I may be little lenient but i never break my rules even if there is no need to do so. I stay in community where all decisions are not in my hand. So I may not be following to very strict. But I would say I follow 80% even when I stay in city and in community. If I would be had been staying in own home then I would have followed for 95%.
    Still I would like to mention what i do follow for your information.
    For past 10 years I have been regularly using cow dung tooth powder and cow soap. I have not used chemical soap and tooth paste for past 20+ years. I am taking cow urine in tablet form daily for past 10+ years. When I go to any farm which I go quite often I do menial service to cows like cleaning cow shed. Picking dung etc. Also all the cow products which I use I manufacture myself from collecting the ingredients from cow till the final production.
    I don’t use steel plate for eating and use brass plates and pot. I clean them with only cow dung ash after I finish my meals. I carry it with me if I go outside.
    I have not eaten medicines like aspirin, paracetamol, combiflan, nice etc even once in life. I have never eaten pain killer. I have eaten antibiotics only 2-3 times maximum that too not in last 10 years. I had taken qunine quite few times that too not in last 10 years since I am taking cow urine. Since I am taking cow urine I have not taken a single pill. I have not taken mineral water in last 5-6 years even though I travel 700 – 1000 Km every week. Even before that I might have purchased mineral water only 20 – 30 times even though I am extensively traveling for last 10 years. I don’t use plastic bottles since last 7 years for sure. I don’t remember how many years before that I stopped using plastic bottles. I carry this glass bottle in all my travels and it has broken only 2 times in last 7 years. That too it was not broken by me but by others who were using it.
    I do serve cows menially when I visit farms with cows which I do often. I pick there dung and clean there house etc. I remove insects from there body etc.
    I don’t eat the vegetables which I have not recommended to eat. Again I am not so strict about this in people’s home whom I am not so close with. But I would say I never eat these vegetables because I like them. It is only because of circumstances.
    As I said in beginning I am not clear what to reply to you. Means what I follow. I have tried to mention few main points of what I follow from my blog. I am sorry to be so much seemingly arrogant in this matter of saying I again and again.
    I think it is Ok with you.

    Madan Gopal Das

  6. Hare ram hare krishna,
    I am reading the daily blog written in favour of cow and their utility, here some lab facts for Manure have prepared by friend who is dedicated Agronomist.
    The analysis in short-in%
    nitrogen-4.67, zinc-0.55, potash-3.20, ferrous-0.46, manganese-0.22, copper-0.06, Calcium-3.20, magnesium-4.60, sodium-4.85, phosphorous-0.95, sulphate2.80, Organic carbon-24.15, Organic matter-41.50, moisture holding capacity-44.90 and humic acid-3.70.

    So this manure carry highest value from cow-dung/urine and no need for chemical fertilizer input in soil. Farmers can prepare at home. If the interest arise to any farmer, I will give details of that.


    it is so very heartening to read at least some well educated class in india is trying to understand the importance of mother cow today.

    I highly appreciate madan gopal prabhu,because he is taking such great efforts to make us all understand the imp of mother cow.

    just today read article saying that cow dung smoke has antioxidant properties,
    also cow dung has bacteria which when inhaled secrete serotonin a neuronal transmitter in brain which prevents depression and brings sense of well being.

    so much we owe to our mother cow.

    Dr Abhijit Aklujkar
    Cardiologist MD , DNB Cardiology

  8. Ram Mohan Gupta says:

    My heart filled with tremendous joy after reading the post and all the comments. I too wish to TRULY take up the cause following in the foot steps of HG Madan Gopal Prabhu. I understand it will require tremendous efforts but it’s worth trying.

  9. Saunak Rsi Das says:

    Dear Madan Gopal Prabhu,
    Dandawat .
    Thank you very much for answering this basic question that always troubled me : How could vedic society continue without cutting wood for cooking .Many times i was asked this question , though i answered with some arguments , but was not convinced at heart about my answers .

    This is a very nice way of looking at things from a farmers perspective : Have a vedic cow and get fire wood equivalent to 6 large trees every year for free + Medicinal Cow urine + Just by serving cow most of the diseases are vanquished + One also gets pure cow milk + Ghrita + tooth powder fm cow dung + total antiseptic house etc. etc. …….Only a fool will hesitate to keep a cow .

    I have a friend who is staying in city and would like to keep cows at her place .Is it feaseble to take care of cows in cities since there will be no Krishi in cities ?

    Ans – Financially not directly feasible if we value to cow. But then the good health etc it gives then it will be feasible. Also as the numbers increase then we have to have some facility in county where extra cows can be transported and few kept with us in cities. Generally cows are happy when they are allowed to go for grazing. This is not possible in cities. But still you can keep some rather then they ending for slaughter.

    If it is big city in India than muncipalty may not allow to keep cows. They allow dogs etc but no cows. check out with mucipalty as well. In Mumbai it is not allowed to keep cows.

  10. It is a very informative article. I use Medicines made out of cowdung sucessfully for many years and doing research

  11. Naval Shastri says:

    All who think this kind of living style is very difficult in these days…then you have not seen the world yet!!! Yes i have seen many places where these Eco-friendly mannerisms are followed and you can too do it. It really doesn’t take much effort to adopt to this living. There is a farm in Valsad ,gujrat ..where all different kind of plants are grown in ‘organic’ way..the cow dunk is having many my village kolhapur vast number of people still use ‘gowari’ cow-dunks for multipurpose. The urine too is used a lot. It actually purifies one’s body system. I am an engineer but that doesn’t mean all that’s there in books i learn is right. There are are many books i haven’t read but are purest ,oldest, trustworthy and effective. I on other hand believe people from past were much ahead of time they tried to impose and force their knowledge on people…today people judge by themselves but are confused due to too much knowledge…be a wise living…what a contradiction !!! ‘SAVE TIGER-SAVE FORESTS’ campaign people believe ….. but ‘saving cows’ campaign they don’t believe in … , the point sir is making is not accepted by some…harm to any step of a LIFE-CYCLE is harm to nature!

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