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   Jun 29

Cow dung – The best manure

Hare Krsna!

Manure made from cow dung is best suitable for agriculture for earth, plants  and humans who ultimately consume the grains and other products. Even hay from such agriculture is better for cows and other cattle that eat it. There is no other manure as cheap and as eco friendly as cow dung manure. Cow dung manure comes from waste. I actually hesitate to call it waste as I am comparing cow dung to gold. But from point of view of modern thinking cow dung is waste. And its use as manure has absolutely no damaging effect on environment. On the other hand chemical fertilisers are very costly even after government subsidy. Also in India and many parts of world large tracts of land have become barren because of the toxicity and salinity caused by modern chemical fertilizers.  Comparison between 1961 and 191.

  • Land under cultivation  1.2 times
  • Use of fertilizers 50 times
  • Use of Pesticides 200 times
  • No. of Pumps and sprays 12 times
  • No. of Tractors 33 times
  • Production of grains  1.6 times

From above data which is repeated from government of India publications we can see how usefull are these agri – chemicals and technologies really are. In reality government of india spends hundreds and thousands of crores of rupees to subsidise these agri chemicals and on research work in that field. Instead of that is same amount is spent in raising pedigree of cows and providing for their grazing area as it was done by authorities previously then all Indian farmers will be debt free and bountiful, nutritious, tasty and satisfying grains and vegetables will be available to all. In support of this I put a link here which we all can see – and also –

There are many such villages in India still trying to work against the corporate with vested interests. More over the crops grown with cow dung manure is good for those who consume it. First of all we should understand that if we want the farmers to stand with dignity and be self sufficient then farming on cow dung manure is only viable option. Also it is only option for us to eat as all other food especially with chemical fertilizers and pesticides are killing humans in form of cancer, Parkinson, alzimers etc. Also the thinking of people who consume such grains become more in goodness and for betterment of people, instead of short tempered, impulsive etc natures which are on rise today.

India will save crores on subsidies to fertilizers or rather same subsidy can be used to maintain grazing pastures for cows. Also the farmers will become independent rather than depending on imports and corporate for their agriculture. The prices of food grains will decrease as cost of production for farmers will go down.

To be continued in the next post.

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  1. Cow based cottage Industrial units (Go Udpadan Unit)-
    India having largest population of Cattle and mosy of Unproductivre with Rabari-Bharvad of Gujarat and other states, because of lack of Gauchar land for free graizing .So my thinking for the said cattle a unit must establish acommunitive unit in cattlel populated villages.The major problems of the village in the production of foods grains are
    1,Manure,2 Pesticides ,3. Fuel etc,
    villagers spend a lot of money on these items by purchasiung chemical fertilizers and pesticides and fossil fuels to meet their needs.
    *Insted of Bullocks they prefer use of tractors for ploughing and transport.They also obtain their fuel by feeling the plants in viscinity of the village. All these activities lead to the dependence of the farmers on the industrial pockets for the towns.Secondly the use of chemicals manure and pesticides, destruction of plants, use of fossil fuels etc, are damaging the environment, as well as reducing the fertility of land and contaminating the fruits, vegetables and Milk with chemical pesticides.
    All problemsw are man made.There are simple reliable local solutions in the villages itself.These solutions can be implemented by the villagers themselves by using the land, Cow and plants.
    In this connection one must develop is a conglomerate of cow based cottage industrial units which can produce
    1. Fuel through bio-gas
    2.Manure from dung
    3.Pesticides from urine
    4.Energy from bullock.
    So that the village is free from pollution and maintain healthy environment of the village.

  2. Thank you for the reply.

    There is one point where almost all people in world are going to disagree with me but still I stand by it. The point is the method to use cow dung as fuel in vedas is not bio gas but cakes. I will explain that in another post. But other wise excellent comment. These defects of bio gas will be understood by humans some time latter and I am ready to wait till that.

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