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   Jun 29

Cow dung cakes

Hare Krsna!

Cow dung cakes has multifarious uses. The most important being cow dung cakes used as fuel. Again Indian government is spending crores of Rupees in form of subsidies on cooking gas. Instead of that if few crores are spent on maintaining pasturing grounds and raising the pedigree of cows then very cheap and most eco friendly fuel will be available to all the fortunate people who stay in village and also to those unfortunate ones in cities. If one old bull is slaughtered it can give earning to one butcher for a day. But if the bull is not slaughtered then 5000 – 6000 cakes can be made from his dung in a year and the bull can be maintained with some extra money to owner. So a living old bull can provide employment to a man till his life and slaughtering will provide employment to only one person for a day or two. Also the food cooked on cow dung cakes is tastier and nutritious as many in India would had experienced. Also government can save on subsidies on gas which can be transferred to maintaining grazing pastures. Cow dung cakes were also used to fumigate pregnant ladies and new born babies which are very healthy for them. Details will follow in future post of how to do it and what benefits. Cow dung cakes when burned are very good eco friendly, health friendly mosquito repellent. I have experienced it. Mosquitos run away just by burning cow dung cakes.

Cow dung cakes are such a magic blessing of mother cow as it is full of prana (living force) that even after burning the ash we get has lot of potential and utilities.

In the next post: The wonder of cow dung ash.

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