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   Apr 07

Body Speaks!!!

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By Lord Sri Krsna’s arrangement our own body tells us so many things. We have to learn how it communicates and what its message is so that we can act accordingly. In fact our body always gives us signals what we should do and not do for healthy living.

Again and again we refer to the Isopanishad verse “purnam adah……”. So lord Sri krsna has made everything in this world perfect & complete. Also there is no wastage.

For e.g. Even a simple thing like itch is not caused without a reason. At the same time never ever in our life we scratch our body at any place without our body demanding it. What I mean is Krsna is so perfect that moment there is a foreign thing on our skin not required by us then the body responds by itching sensation. It is such a wonderful arrangement without which so many bacterias etc would had just be lying around on us causing great harm. But moment there is unwanted thing we feel an itch. We immediately scratch. There by removing the item. Isn’t it wonderful system? At the same time we never scratch any part of our body uselessly. So this is body speaks. Scratch means some foreign element. Dislodge it.

Similarly moment there is any foreign thing or any thing which should not be there in wind pipe we sneeze. PERFECT. Without cause we never sneeze. And we sneeze till the foreign element is dislodged. Isn’t it wonderful system? Just think if the element would have remained there in wind pipe choking our breathing. The moment we eat poisonous or bad food our body has vomiting sensation and we vomit. What an arrangement? What if we wouldn’t have vomited and poisonous rotten food gone in? Also we don’t vomit when the need is not there. Let me go and vomit.

In fact what ever Krsna has made is without flaw. Lets take the eg of sweating. Sweating has two prominent purposes. One is to cool down your body in summer. Just like water in earthen pot remains cool because of evaporation of water similarly when sweat comes out and evaporates it makes our body cool. Therefore we sweat in summer and not in winter. Again Sri Krsna is perfect. Second with sweat lot of fat and toxins are removed from our body. So sweat has bad odour. We also observe generally fat people sweat more than thin people. Toxins have tendency to take shelter in fat molecules in our body and remain there. While sweating both excess fat and toxins are removed.

This same function of removing fat and toxins is done by cough in winter season. We see mostly as soon as we eat sweets or high fat foods (fried, oily) we have cough in our throat. Moment we eat more than necessary body starts throwing it out. We don’t need sweat in winter so the job is done by cough. The foreign and toxic molecules are covered over by cough in our body so that they can be thrown out. Just think if we would have sweat in winter and body would have become cooler. Sri Krsna is perfect.

But what are we in modern society and modern medicine doing with our body. We are acting completely opposite to body signals. For eg I agree that sweat give some trouble and bad smell. Also sweat smelling bad means a lot which can be seen in understand vaata, pitta kapha section in blog. So take bath. But we put on air conditioner. What happens? The cooling mechanism of body is hampered. Also the toxins and fat are not removed. They put tremendous load on body mechanisms. One may claim AC cools us. Ac cools us only externally. It only cools the skin. Sweat comes from inside it removes the heat from within. So we see that today people sit in AC but have internal heat problem. People say, “I have too much heat in my body”. AC cools only skin not all organs but sweat cools organs and skin.

Similarly when there is little cough we take tablets and obstruct the process thus hindering the detoxification. I understand that when cough takes serious proportions then something has to be done. But many times we disturb the normal process rather than trying to understand why I get cough. By suppressing the symptom we hamper the activity which the body is trying to achieve. Also in so called modern society it is considered indecent if we sneeze loudly. Again hampering the perfect arrangement of Sri Krsna! Let the sneeze be natural and the foreign element be removed. No we have to be cultured. What culture? Is culture to push back toxins in our body?

Similarly about fever. Mostly when there is infection in body there is fever. In high temperature the foreign bacteria find it difficult to multiply. Also it helps to purify the body by burning the toxins. But we take tablets to decrease the temperature thus again not allowing the body to do its job of purification. Normal viral fever is like yearly clean up. We should allow it to take its normal course. Another wonderful thing is when we have fever we do not feel hungry. Also we loose taste. So we should not eat or eat very little. Lack of hunger means we don’t require food. But we think I am sick. I should eat. Is Sri Krsna fool that he decreases our hunger and removes taste when we became sick? No. Food when sick gives a big trouble to our body. Out of total energy spent in body 30% is spent for digesting food. That means moment we eat our energy is diverted to digest rather than fighting the infection.

The body talks when there is need of anything. When there is a need for scratch we experience an itch. When there is need for clearing windpipe we sneeze etc. When the bladders are full there is urge to pass urine. When there is need to clear bowels there is urge to evacuate. We go to pass urine or stool when there is urge for it. For eg if we have no urge to evacuate and we see nice 5 star toilet, we don’t go and pass stool. If we are walking on road and we see a toilet block we don’t go in because it is there. We don’t think oh! There is nice toilet. Let me go and evacuate. No never. But when we have urge we find toilet some how or other.

But there is this one action we don’t respond to natural urge. Eating. We mostly go on eating without urge for eating i.e. hunger. Just as we don’t go or even think of passing stool without an urge for it, similarly we should never eat or even think of eating if we are not hungry. But what we do in our lives. We just go on eating whenever we see something somewhere. Oh! nice hotel let me eat. Oh! nice pizza let me eat. Oh! nice toilet let me pass stool. We just go on eating eating eating whether we are hungry or not.

For healthy life we should eat only when we are fully hungry. Eating at such time gives satisfaction (not pleasure). First of all because of our continuous eating we don’t experience full hunger. Second just ask yourself if you are fully hungry what you would like to eat. Will fantasy items like chocolate, cakes satisfy us? Or will staple items like rice, dal, chapatti & sabji satisfy us. Our hunger will be satisfied by staple food. So as per body language this is what our body needs.

In essence according to this issue’s logic we should eat mostly staple food that too when we are hungry. We should not eat because nice looking food is available in nice looking restaurant. We should not eat when not hungry. We should not eat because mind likes it or mind enjoys it through tongue. We don’t do any natural functions mentioned above because we like it. For mind Lord Krsna instruct in BG to control it- BG 6.5,6. And for body he say regulate it BG 6.16,17. So stop mind’s food, regulate bodies food.

Only human species is one species in which others tell us what we should eat by advertisements. Any amount of advertisement will not make a tiger eat grass or even flesh when he is not hungry. In fact when tiger is full even if a dear is close by he will not kill it. All species eat only when hungry and eat only their staple food. Except humans! Then we ask, “Why heart problem, diabetes, kidney failure etc.”

Final note: – Body is intelligent. It tells us when to stop eating as well. If you sit quietly and eat slowly nicely chewing your food then automatically when the required amount of calories has gone in one will belch. Stomach is telling enough. This might not be experienced if you are talking too much or standing or running while eating. 1st belch means enough please stop. 2nd belch means stop right now. 3rd belch mean on the way to disease.

In the end I would like to quote Hippocrates father of modern medicine. He said, “Thy food will be thy remedy”. When we become sick we seldom ask, “What did I do to get sick”. Modern people seem to eat themselves into a diseased state and then undergo surgery. This is why one-third of what we eat keeps us alive and two-thirds keep doctors alive.

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