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   Dec 22

[Q&A] Ghee from Milk Cream


Question: Would like to know the reason of not using most of the cream of the milk , turning the cream into thick yogurt, then churning that yogurt into butter and heating it till it turns into ghee? Because one can sell or use the milk which still has enough cream on it to make it palatable. Otherwise one has so much buttermilk leftover. It would be better to have regular milk leftover because so many of the preparations we make are made from regular milk, and not buttermilk.


Answer: Once we are in Vedic system it is better to follow parampara rather than trying to figure out causes and effects. Trying to understand everything is not possible, practical and feasible. Why not to follow recommended path rather than saying what’s wrong in doing half wrong or  3/4th right or 1/4th right etc. Vedic knowledge is already researched one. An intelligent one should understand that and follow it.


However for your satisfaction, we will discuss.


Before reading further you should read my post with following link

The title of post is mistakes in preparation of Ghruta (cow ghee).


In that I have already written that when we take full milk and then add the culture of bacteria then these bacteria can do their actions fully. Also there must be role of full milk at that process. Rather than researching better to accept it. According to my researches and experiences I have come to the conclusion that any deviation from original instruction we do leads us to some loss somewhere. Do you think the sages or supreme lord who gave us the process could not figure out such good use of milk and cream both as you have found out.


No in nature everything is well thought and organised. It means if we want to drink milk then don’t think that the content with respect to fat, calcium etc is random. They are dependent on each other and all micro nutrients play a major role. So all the micro and macro nutrients are put in right proportion in nature. If we drink only milk without fat it is not good for us. I would suggest rather we do take little quantity of milk, ghee etc but take in right way which is good for our body, mind and soul.


Because you don’t know the value of buttermilk and its various uses you feel that so much buttermilk is left over. You see it as waste or rather not much worth. But if you have heard Krishna’s past times, you can find that Supreme personality of Godhead Sri Krishna would dance for just a pot of butter milk.


Yes, if you want to have milk just for trying to satisfying demands of tongue then you can have it any way our intelligence can work out just like one you mentioned here. But if you want to get the best use and blessings of mother cow and her milk then I/we would rather follow the recommended path. Then one won’t blame that Ghruta or ghee increases cholesterol, or it is not good for adults etc etc. If we drink milk and ear its products in way sages have suggested we get benefit for body, mind and soul. If we don’t we get good tasty items along with tags of various ailments. Tomorrow someone will say what if we take 30% of cream, or 60 or 45.78% . I am not here to make any alteration in the recipe for making Ghruta provided in scriptures. Someone will say what if we take some cream from cream separator machine and some from buffalo and 70% from cow and then 50% we do hand churning and 50% machine churning what’s wrong in it. I am not in a position to answer the various bad effects of these permutation and combinations.


In short for your information taking just cream off milk all or little and curding it will not give the effect of amruta (nectar) Ghruta but a fat increasing, BP increasing ghee. The effects will be opposite if we take full milk. If you want to try it out and verify then go ahead and do it and share with me the results. But such experiments can’t be conclusive if done for just 1-3 weeks. Minimum 6 months to one year in one process and similar number in another process. Then you will get some idea. Then it should be repeated at least 5 times. The Vedic truths are verified to this degree and if we propose something else then we also should do experiment to this degree.



Madan Gopal Das

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  1. Vamsee Krishna says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhuji,
    Dandavat Pranaam,
    Recently when I had been to Pandharpur ISKCON, I bought 1kg Gir cow ghee worth Rs.800. I have been consuming it with hot milk. I stand and drink milk. It has been almost 1 month but I have not lost my weight. What could be the reason? Is it pure Indian brred cow ghee prepared from yogurt butter( from dahi malai) ?
    Please advice.
    Kota Vamsee Krishna, Mobile: 09322251763

    Ans – I have not taken checking agency for ghee available in various places in India and ISKCON. I will educate and you have to check. But I can say what ever the salesman say even in ISKCON or outside because he is not trained in cow protection and is not dedicated to save cows he will not speak true and its very rare to get such a ghee. In my humble opinion 98% ISKCON (even non ISKCON shops) stalls doesn’t have correct ghee what ever label they may put.

    So in short you have to confirm from place where it is made by visiting the place, talking with the man over there, seeing his integrity, seeing the process etc. Another point as I have already mentioned. Correct ghee cannot be less than Rs 1200 per kg in today inflation rate in India. So don’t cheat yourself by purchasing a cheaper one. But shrewd salesmen will start selling non sense for 1200 and still you should not get cheated.

    Even in ISKCON temple I am from where correct ghee is available salesman do sell many wrong types as well. So never believe salesman (even devotee in any dress) because he is dedicated to sales and not cows.

    You have to work hard to get right ghee or go and fall at feet of farmer who has vedic cows to make for you or make yourself at home etc. But following two places correct ghee is available.

    One is contact Ghanshyam pr – 9726732139 – rajkot, Gujarat.

    second is Uttam Maheshwari, Kandivali, Mumbai, – 9869433439, 28463439, Asstn – Kothari – 9820746147, C-162, Akurli ind estate, Akurli road, Kandivili (E) – 65233439

    Third is – Ahimsa tirtha, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India – Abhay singh – 9923225841, 0257-22133415, Yaduvanshi pr – 9423487921

    But best is you try to find out locally and encourage people to make what you want by guranting them that you will buy.

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