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   Mar 12

Comparison of Pricing of Modern vs. Vedic Ghruta (Ghee)

Comparison: pricing of ghruta (ghee) made by correct process and by modern process.

Ghee made properly will be costly compared to so call ghee available in market today. The current rates of ingredients dated 15th Jan 2011 are being used for calculation. Pure and correctly made ghee will cost at least Rs 900 per kg. This is because the cost price of this ghruta is Rs. 800 per kg. So the farmer and supplier get only Rs 100 per kg as profit.

Ghee made by other process will cost around Rs 250 – 350 per Kg. Cost of manufacturing this cream ghee is at the most Rs 50 per kg and manufacturer (mostly some big corporate) is making profit of Rs 200 – 250 per kg. We can clearly estimate the cheating by modern corporate’s and the honesty by real ghruta makers. This will be clear as you read on.

Basically there are 2 methods of making ghruta. No, I will correct myself. There is only one way of making ghruta and another way of making something which looks similar to ghruta. This process is called cream ghee which is available from modern factories. As doctors suggest, this modern factory ghee is extremely bad for health and increases cholesterol level, etc. etc. Just for your information, the real ghruta can cure heart diseases and blockages.

In both process approximately 25 litres of milk is required to make one KG of Pure ghruta or factory ghee. As per the Vedic process we have to use entire 25 litres of milk into curd. Later this curd is churned. After a long time 1kg of butter is churned and remaining can be used as butter milk. If the cowherd farmer lives in the city then he can sell the butter milk only in the hot seasons in India. But mostly the farmers do not stay in or close to cities. Even if they stay in cities then they can sell butter milk only 4 months a year and by selling butter milk they will get Rs 150 from approximately 30 – 35 litres of butter milk made from 25 litres of milk. I would say as this is not applicable to most of farmers we should not take this point into consideration.

Vedic Process:

In order to make 1 kg of ghruta we have to spend on 25 litres of milk. If we consider the current rate of milk as Rs 25 per litre, then the cost of milk itself is Rs 625. Later we need to consider the processing and labour charges to heat it, curd it, and churn it manually. Wash the butter, again heat it. For heating we require fuel and labour for above steps which will be around Rs 100. Then the ghruta is heated and packed and transported. So the total cost will be approx Rs 625 + 100 + 25 = Rs 750. This is minimum possible and can be even more. At times we can see that, milk is much more than Rs. 25 as considered in above calculation. So we get this ghruta at Rs 750 – 800 per Kg and are sold in retail at Rs 900 per kg.  As per the inflation rate this price seems quite fair.

Let’s have a look at modern process:

In this process also, we require around 25 litres of milk to make 1 kg of ghee. But there is vast difference. In modern process the milk is passed through cream separating machine. So after passing 25 litres of milk in cream separating machine what we get out is 1 kg of cream and 24 litres of white liquid which is sold to us again as milk. So there is loss of only 1 litre of milk as 24 litres is sold back as milk. The cost of one litre milk is Rs 25. Cost of separating cream, heating and packing can be Rs 50. So this type of ghee costs utmost Rs 75 per kg and is sold to us at Rs 250- 350 per kg.

The by product in this process the white liquid which comes out of cream separating machine is also sold to us as milk. I am not calling this as milk because milk in natural form is nectar and which comes out from cream separating machine is opposite in qualities. In milk most important ingredient for us is the fatty content and when the fats are removed through this machine, milk that is rendered is useless and tasteless.

So children’s now a day don’t like to drink the milk which is tasteless and so we have to add some modern ingredients costing Rs 300 – 500 / kg which are nicely advertised as health food to make the milk tasty. This health food is again, big corporate cheating. This health food also costs utmost Rs. 40 per kg but is sold to us at Rs.400 per kg. To make this point clear you can read the ingredients on any health milk additives and work out the cost.

Also modern scientists call milk white poison as this white liquid coming out of cream separating machine, is white poison having being deprived of its most important ingredient the natural fat.

In short, modern process takes natural milk which is nectar and transforms in to two bad items. One is so called white liquid called milk (which is deprived of natural cream) and ghee which misrepresents ghruta. In Vedic culture we drink milk in natural form which is nectar and then we make two more nectars from it called butter milk and ghruta. Both products of modern system will give us diseases and nectar milk, butter milk and ghruta will cure all diseases.

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  1. Bhaskar says:

    Hare krishna Pr,
    Thanks for very important articles.
    Where can we get the ghruta, meaning can we order, if yes from where?
    If we want to make ghruta at home, since we will not have pure cow curd, what curd do you suggest?


    Ans – For getting pure ghee look for ans to comment by preeti in topic cow ghee – nectar in this blog.

    In same mood where ever you live in India (even outside) if you sincerely start looking for correct milk you will get it. As I said Krsna and cow will inspire some one to supply right milk and it will be joyous meet of both of you as both of you share same ideals. It has happened with me 100s of time. If we look and search then some one is there who supplies right thing he gets so much joy to see that some one understands and values the genuine thing he is doing. Go for it.

  2. guru singh says:

    hare krishna

    thank you prabhuji for clarifying the doubt which I always have ie Why temple`s ghee is costing more than outside ghee

    hari bol

    Ans – The ghee cost at present (mar 2011) condition in India is around Rs1000/kg if you don’t want to give any profit to poor farmer. It should be around Rs 1100- 1200/kg if you want to give something to farmer. In market there are many things sold which look like ghee and labeled as ghee from Rs 200/kg upwards but are not ghee.

  3. Chetan Warade says:

    Yes this is this real truth.

    we must understand this truth. Implement in our life and spread to others also

  4. Sumeet says:

    Cow Ghee is real nectar. This is really benefited me. I was having serious back problem I daily took cow ghee in my hot milk & also some applied to my back, guess what within 3 months I am totally cure.

    Gomataki Jai ho!

    Ans – Holy mother cow can not only cure us. if we are patient and grateful then she will give us good health till spiritual world goloka Vrndavan as the Goloka belongs to holy cows as the name suggests. Just be patient and always be in connection with holy cow. I would like to add one more thing. Always very very seriously think how can I serve and protect her more. This should be always in our mind. Our wise we will do the sin of being ungrateful.

  5. Anand says:

    Thank you for giving an elaborate explanation & difference between the so called modern ghee & Ghruta.
    Infact the commn masses does not have any idea of what’s happening around them. Such articles would go a long way & help them discriminate what is right & wrong. Pls continue to share such articles.

  6. RAJU says:

    Hare Krishna prabhu,
    Thank you prabhu for giving such a wonderful information. Really people don’t know what is good for them. Blindly following following foolish scientists who are cheating them both materially and spiritually. We should educate people prabhu, but our number is small. This world is going towards total disaster.

  7. RAJU says:

    Hare Krishna prabhuji, thank you for nice information. Kindly give more knowledge of using Ghee for different diseaes like back pain, skin problems etc. One devotee is suffering from psoriasis, kindly tell how to reduce it prabhu. Thank you.

    Ans – I plan to wirte series of articals on vedic health and lifestyle. It may take little time i.e months. Please wait till then.

  8. rajesh jogani says:

    thank you for all the knowledge on cows and the nectar they provide us.
    Is buffalo milk bad or can be consumed in case of no cow milk. Also what are the uses of buffalo milk?

    Rajesh Jogani

    Ans – Buffallo millk will put one in mode of ignorance. Certainly not suitable for spiritualists. Bufallo curd is better than milk. Buffalo ghee can/ should be taken by wrestlers. Wrestlers should take cow ghruta also. As buffaloes do not sweat the toxic remain in their body which are passed down in their milk. Because they don’t sweat they sit in water for long times to cool their body. Bufallo curd is acceptable as in the process of action of bacteria while curding most of toxics are digested. Still cow milk curd is better than Buffalo milk curd.

  9. K.Ajit Varma says:

    A real eye-opener of an article ..

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