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   Jan 04

Various Cow Products I – Gaumutra Harde Churan

GAUMUTRA HARDE CHURAN (Cow urine and Harde *English: Chebulic myrobalan, *Latin: Teminalia chebula Retz  powder)


  • Jau Harde (Small dried fruits of English: Chebulic myrobalan Latin: Teminalia chebula Retz):  1 kg
  • Ajwaine (English: Country barage, Latin: Coelus amboinicus): 2 kg.
  • Black pepper: 250 Gms
  • Jawa khar (Barley salts): 60 Gms.
  • Asafoetida:60 Gms
  • Castor oil:  100 Gms.
  • Cow’s ghee (clarified butter): 10 Gms
  • Rock salt:  600 Gms
  • Black salt: 400 Gms.

*Note – Better the quality of Asafoetida, better the result.


Soak 1 kg Jau harde in cow urine for five days in an iron or stainless steel pot. Cow urine has to be changed every day. On sixth day, separate harde from cow urine and roast it in mild heat in 100 Gms castor oil. When harde is cooked i.e. stickiness of harde is gone, take out the dry harde from fire. When the wetness vanishes the harde fruits swell. Roast 60 Gms Asafoetida in 10 Gms cow ghee (clarified butter) on very low flame. Now take this 1 kg Harde, fried Asafoetida 60 gms and other components mentioned above together and grind it in a machine or manually. Filter it through sieve. Please not that cloth should not be used, or else the oil of medicine will be absorbed by cloth. After filtering take small quantity of mixture at a time in mortar and grind it into fine powder. Finer the powder, more beneficial it is.


Gaumutra Harde Churan cures all diseases related to stomach i.e. acidity, gas, constipation, worms, piles, ulcer of liver, intestines and also cures nervousness, sleeplessness, blood pressure, any type of rheumatism. Indigestion and loss of appetite is also cured. Indigestion due to Headache is also cured. By eating this powder with meals along with vegetables, beans or in daily salad it destroys the poisonous effect, due to poisonous medicines, insecticides, fertiliser, and poisonous material in water which enter grains, vegetables or cereals. So it effectively cleanses blood to make free of such toxins.


Two small spoons two times a day or take two times after food.

It is beneficial even if it is taken when there are no diseases.

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  1. Anand Mohan das says:

    Can this be taken on a regular basis? since normally laxatives are not recommended too often?

    Yes what you say is correct. We should give breaks after few weeks. Just like we also do not take triphala churna continuously for long. We give break.

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