Comparison of Pricing of Modern vs. Vedic Ghruta (Ghee)


Posted by Madan Gopal Das | Posted in General Health Advice, Glories of Ghruta (Cow Ghee), Vedic Lifestyle | Posted on 12-03-2011

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Comparison: pricing of ghruta (ghee) made by correct process and by modern process.

Ghee made properly will be costly compared to so call ghee available in market today. The current rates of ingredients dated 15th Jan 2011 are being used for calculation. Pure and correctly made ghee will cost at least Rs 900 per kg. This is because the cost price of this ghruta is Rs. 800 per kg. So the farmer and supplier get only Rs 100 per kg as profit.

Ghee made by other process will cost around Rs 250 – 350 per Kg. Cost of manufacturing this cream ghee is at the most Rs 50 per kg and manufacturer (mostly some big corporate) is making profit of Rs 200 – 250 per kg. We can clearly estimate the cheating by modern corporate’s and the honesty by real ghruta makers. This will be clear as you read on.

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