Love of Cows (go – prema)


Posted by Madan Gopal Das | Posted in Benefits of Pancha gavya - blessings of cow, Principles of Cow Protection, Serving Cows Practically | Posted on 26-05-2010

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Hare Krsna!

What love of cows means – Love of cows means even love for go rasa i.e. cow products. I would prefer to call cow products (urine, dung, milk, etc) as blessing rather than products. In modern day we all have some respect and love for cows. But we drink buffalo milk. We cannot love cows and not love her blessings. These cow blessings (products) are called gavya.  Gavya means milk, curd, butter (after churning), dung and urine. Without loving these blessings (products) of cows our love of cows is only half or incomplete. Read the rest of this entry »