Pancha Gavya – Go-vara (Cow Dung)


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Hare Krsna!

Laxmi ji goddess of Fortune resides in cow dung. Therefore we see in south India in many temples lord is first shown the back of cow when lord is woken up. This is because consort of lord Sri Laxmi resides in cow dung or back of cow from where cow dung comes. Read the rest of this entry »

Meaning of the word ‘Krishi’


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Hare Krsna!

In sanskrit every word has a root dhatu (word). In word krishi the dhatu is kru. From this dhatu word akarshan has come. Akarshan means attracting. So krushi does not only means growing of crops as is done today and is called agriculture. Krushi means growing crops in such a way that it attracts the solar energy. So all the practices in vedic were done with this thought and not like in modern way. Also with this in mind we see the important role of cow in vedic Krushi (agriculture). Read the rest of this entry »

The Vedic Cow.


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Hare Krsna!

Here I am going to discuss what the Vedic cow is and its description in Vedic scriptures. Vedic scriptures give specific descriptions of cow and the anatomy and we will see how it fits perfectly with cows in some parts of world esp. Indian subcontinent, Africa, south America etc and how most of cross breeds like Jersey, Brown Swiss, Holstein, Belgian Blue etc. doesn’t match the Vedic scriptural description.

I am aware that in western countries vedic cows are not easily available. But I request all to please read following points with open mind. There is always some discussion on cow urine of Indian (I would call it vedic) breeds and non vedic (which we call western) breeds. I am not making following statements as I am from India and neither because I hate western things. There is no prejudice on my side and I hope there should not be prejudice on the readers’ side as well. Let’s discuss analytically. But reasons and logic are mentioned and I request all open-minded readers to go through the article even though it is a bit long.

Of course this distinction does not at all, ordain or permit the slaughter of non-vedic cows. We have to be non violent towards all living entities. But Vedic cows have to be specifically protected. So although it is our duty to protect every species of life, we have to understand that according to the sastras, very specific species are considered auspicious and worshipable.

In Vedic scriptures cows are called as mothers and their products are called amruta i.e. nectar or elixirs. But today the scientists call milk as white poison. What may be the reason for this? I am not trying to break hearts of those who have cared for Jersey, Holstein, Brown Swiss and other such breeds of cow like species but then I cannot also restrain myself from speaking based on Vedic scriptures. Again, my only request to all is, please read complete post and then make an opinion and comment.

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