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   Aug 04

True Story! – Epilepsy & The foolish vaishya

Hare Krsna! EPILEPSY: Once a devotee from USA had epilepsy. It was a severe case and he had to  take medicines regularly. The devotee was from a very rich family. He could have lived his life in full opulence and comfort without having to work. Once he had gone to an ayurvedic doctor in India for his […]

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   Jul 16

True Story! – Miracle of worshiping Cows

Hare Krsna! In present age, people are more inclined towards matter and hence they are not able to grasp the glories of service to cows. But experiences that we have undergone suggest that all the demigods are present in body of holy cow.

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   Jul 10

True Story! – Shri Dr. Mohan

Hare Krsna! The glories of holy cows are unlimited. In vedic culture and literature the glories of cow protection is all pervading. In ancient times many were devoted to cows and so there were many cows as well. When there were enough cows and cow milk etc in India there was peace and prosperity. At present age unfortunately due […]

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