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   Mar 12

Various Cow Products X – Cow Soap


Ingredients: –

  • Cow dung (fresh from cow of Indian breed):1250 gm
  • Multani soil: 1000 gm
  • Geru (Red ochre, Red clay):200 gm
  • Cow dung oil (preparation no.13):250 gm
  • Ordinary edible camphor: 50gm
  • Ajwain sat (Essence of Country barage, Latin: Coelus amboinicus):10gm

Preparation: –

Mix fresh wet cow dung, multani soil, geru clay (Red ochre, Red clay) and grind them thoroughly. Dry it in the sun. Then make powder and filter it through cloth or sieve. Mix camphor and ajwain sat. This will form camphor oil. Then mix thoroughly camphor oil, cow dung oil and powder that were just prepared. Then boil the neem (English: Neem tree, Margosa tree, Latin: Azadirachta Indica, Melia Azedarach) leaves in water and filter it. Add this Neem water to previously ground paste in right quantity and mix them. Then put the paste in dye and afterwards dry the soap in sun. Later on role the soap in soap stone powder, wipe it and pack it.

Property and quality: –

Mahabharat Anushashan section 28-19 instructs:

Gomayen sada snayat kararshi capi savirshta

“Man should take bath applying cow dung daily. He should always be in touch with cow dung or sit on floor of cow dung.” In purushottam sahastra nam in vol. 10, name of lord Krishna Himself is given as gaushthanganah gati priyah means lord Krishna happily performs pastimes in cow dung in cowshed. In Srimad Bhagavatam 10.6.20, it is described that, after being breast fed by Putna, Lord Krishna was given a bath with cow urine. Goraj (dust raised by cows feet) and cow dung was applied over body of Lord Krishna by gopis.

Gomutrena snapayitva punar goraj sarbhakam raksham!

Cakrusha shakruta dwadash angeshu namabhi!! SB 10.6.20

In scriptures cow dung is highly revered and glorified. For bath it is written.

Yanme rogam shokancha – tanme dahatu gaumay

“Bath taken using cow dung is spiritual and purifying, by which all bodily and mental diseases are burnt.” Rishis have suggested cow dung, clay and ash for bath. In Ayurveda cow dung is described as germicidal, nourishing, gives brightness to body, destroyer of bad smell, absorber, virya vardhak (increase intelligence), Rasayukta (moisturizer, fatty) and supremely pure and holy.

Glories of cow dung sung in Mahabharat are as follows: – Ashtiishwarya mayi laksmi vasategomaye sada. – “Goddess Lakshmi with all eight opulence resides in cow dung.” There will be no fear of modern day pollution, radiation and infection if one takes cow dung bath daily. It has transcendental property of curing skin diseases and reducing toxins of blood. It makes body effulgent. Therefore this cow dung soap is prepared so we can take daily bath with it. There are many advantages of cow dung soap. Hairs and skin remain healthy. Use of cow dung soap is therefore suggested in Ayurveda.

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