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   Mar 12

Various Cow Products IX – Cow Urine Oil


Ingredients: –

  • Cow dung juice: 250 ml.
  • Cow urine: 500 ml.
  • Crystalline Camphor: 25 gm
  • Ajwaine sat (Essence of Country barage, Latin: Coelus amboinicus): 10 gm.
  • Til (English: Sesame, Latin: Sesamum Indicum) oil: 1000 ml.

Preparation: –

Method of extracting cow dung juice: –

Collect large amount of wet cow dung. Take approximately 2 square feet cotton cloth and put it in wet cow dung and spread it in the cow dung. After six hours, take out the cloth and squeeze the cloth and collect the liquid in a steel pot. If the quantity falls short then put the same cloth in the same cow dung and repeat the process and squeeze after 6 hours again.

First grind crystalline camphor, mix with ajwain sat together and fill in a bottle. Shake it till oil is formed. Then put cow urine and Cow dung juice on a pan and mix together thoroughly. Then filter it through thick cloth. Heat this filtered liquid in a pan after adding Sesame oil, till the oil remains and the water evaporates. Let it cool down and then filter it. Fill it in the bottle, then add camphor oil to it and shake the bottle well.

Uses: –

Massage with oil and foment wherever there is pain in the body. It gives comfort.

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