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   Mar 30

Practices useful to increase Cow’s milk


Practices useful to increase Cow’s milk.

  • To feed fresh, green grass daily.
  • To milk the cow and feed the milk to her.

  • Mix jaggary and barley and feed to cows. Jaggary should be 25% and barley 75%.
  • To feed mixture of ground raw papaya and papaya leaves with jaggary.
  • To feed boiled sanai (jute plant) flowers, mahua flowers (honey tree, butter tree, Madhuca indica), grass and jaggary in water.
  • To feed remains of sugarcane after removing juice.
  • To feed Tissi oil cake (flax seed) and boiled mutter peas.
  • To feed boiled kesari dal with wheat. Kerai.
  • To feed nicely boiled gavar or gavar soaked in water overnight.
  • To feed jaggary mixed kanji. Kanji is starch water that can be removed by boiling rice in extra quantity of water.
  • To feed cooked ghruta, wheat flour, and jaggary. This give good increase in milk yield.
  • To feed boiled banana with seeds and rice.
  • To feed boiled ripe or unripe bael fruit.
  • To feed flowers of palas and shivari.
  • Following has to be done on 3rd day after giving birth of calf. Take Udad Dalia (Black gram) one ser = 960gm, little salt, little turmeric, little pipal bark powder. Mix all the above ingredients and boil in water. Then add jaggary. This should be fed to cow when it is still warm from cooking in evening time.
  • To feed giloya (geli) leaves and its creeper.
  • Mix Jeera (cumin) 10 parts, salt 10 parts, sauph (Fennel) 10 parts, Lavang (clove) 5 parts, white chandan (sandal wood) 2 parts, alum 1 part and nitrate of potassium 1 part. Grind the above mixture and keep it in bottle. Give one handful to cow with both morning and evening feed.
  • To feed boiled bamboo leaves mixed with little ajavain (Carom seed) with jaggary.
  • If after delivery a milk gland becomes hard and stops giving milk then it should be fomented with castor leaves.
  • Cow should be impregnated with bull whose mother used to give more milk.




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  1. Ashish says:

    Read also a good blog at

  2. Sachin Desai says:

    in konkan there is less calcium in water…what should we do give calcium dosage for cow.Vet doctors ask to give cattle feed blocks but it contains Urea and Molasses..can suggest alternative remedy to make such blocks….

    Ans – Put plain chuna (lime) paint all over goshala. Even in and around the pot or the feeding area. If you do it regularly good amount of calcium will go to cows. You can give them very little quantity orally as well. May be mixed with food or water. We can’t give raw lime directly as it will burn. So mix with somethng.

    Never give urea to cows please.

  3. Sachin Desai says:

    If we put pinch of chuna in the cows water will that be this a chuna we eat with Pan or the chuna which we paint on wall (brila white).

    Ans – its the chuna which is edible. Also if birla white is same thing then that is also ok. You can paint cow shed with it as well as some chuna particles flying here and there keeps going in through air, water and food.

    Same can be done in our homes.

    thanks for writing.

  4. UDAYAKUMAR says:

    Iam having only Indian breeds like tharparker and gir. One of my cow after delivery a milk gland becomes hard and stops giving milk then i tried as you said fomented with castor leaves and it gave wonderfull resalut.
    Now to increase milk yield i want to try as you said To feed cooked ghruta, wheat flour, and jaggary
    Can you please explain me what quantity and how to prepare.Do i have to fry the wheat and powder it and then add cow gee and jaggary or how?

    Thank you very much
    kind Regards

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